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Back in 2004 before forming Tenek, Geoff Pinckney and Peter Steer would start work on a dance music project called Alien Six. Moving forward, the current EP, 1, now having recently been released via Bandcamp (November 2021), will become available on all digital platforms in the near future. It sees the vaults truly cracked open, with a set of remixed and remastered tracks, bringing the vibe of the original songs right into the present. Aside a Depeche Mode cover, nothing had been released prior, however, now there is a definite opportunity to check out three sublime tracks that every electro dance enthusiast needs to hear.

The EP displays shades of 1990’s high octane uplifting dance, particularly with ‘Revolution’ and ‘Love in Motion,’ yet what really sets the songs apart are the remarkable talents of vocalist / lyricist Laura Cyganik. Laura’s vocals are wide reaching; a deep and mature, carefully crafted sensitivity featuring delicate fibres and emotive timbres, while often becoming brilliant and fiery – particularly evident on opener ‘Feel the Rhythm.’

The most Tenek-like track on 1, (it’s always hard not to compare), ‘Feel the Rhythm’ still manages to successfully occupy its own unique space and character, particularly with such developed and passionate vocal work, and goes on to erupt with a vibrant chorus, concluding with brilliant highs.

‘Revolution’ is opportunity to edge more towards those nostalgic areas of perhaps a couple of decades ago or more. There’s an incredibly strong beat map and plenty of experimentation with shimmering atmospherics. Sounds are frequently stripped back, allowing them to resonate and expand in their own space, enhanced with more highly impassioned vocals.

The EP concludes with ‘Love in Motion’ (Tangohead Remix) – yet another crashing dance anthem – carefree and enveloped with dreamy glimmering synth melody and as ever, plenty of power and pulse.

In summary, 1 is a unique and quality offering, a marvellously original sound and dance picture, with a blend that pushes the classic hallmark of great production and talented contributions; think powerful and exciting, with the added colour of expressive and melodic vocals that really take the tracks to new elevations.

1 is out now:

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