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Vinyl Spring Exclusives… This year will once again see the return of Record Store Day, an opportunity to snap up some rare and collectable records – which includes some intriguing releases that fall under the electronic banner. Record Store Day … Read More


Corporate synth-pop excellence It’s an odd combination to pull in synth-pop with a self-growth corporate styling, but Office For Personal Development manage to pull it off successfully care of an impressive catalogue of tunes. The entire OPD concept adopts corporate … Read More

2023 – Albums Of The Year

TEC’s Albums of Choice from 2023… 2023 proved to be a busy year for music which saw some legacy acts making an impressive return with some standout albums, while plenty of contemporary synth-pop outfits also delivered some strong contenders. Here … Read More

2023 – Songs Of The Year

A year in music… 2023 saw a good combination of legacy acts and new outfits delivering some amazing music across the year. It was also a period in which electronic music was given another opportunity to demonstrate how broad a … Read More


Liminal pop promises… The “magickal pop perfection” that debut album Mercurial (see TEC review previously) offered certainly put Elisabeth Elektra on the map as an artist worth keeping an eye on. In an interview for TEC at the time, the … Read More

OMD – Bauhaus Staircase

Emotional electronic pop… When OMD originally reformed, it was important for both Paul Humphreys and Andy McCluskey that any new album could not simply be some half-hearted pastiche of their former glories. Consequently, each of the post-reformation albums, 2010’s History … Read More


Mood music for the winter months… As Winter approaches, the perfect opportunity to revisit old friends and find tunes that suit the occasion. The haunting darkpop delights of Promenade Cinema here rub shoulders with shoegaze veterans Slowdive and the Queen … Read More

SLOWDIVE – Everything Is Alive

Evocative dreampop perfection… The career path of Slowdive has taken some strange directions since the shoegaze originally outfit formed in 1989. The band had sprung to life via childhood friends Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell, with Christian Savill, Nick Chapin … Read More

KAT BRYAN Interview

Feel like I’m flying without a net… One of the more intriguing electronic acts to appear on the TEC radar in recent years is Kat Bryan. The Canadian singer-songwriter served up debut album Music For The End Of The World … Read More

SCENIUS – Chinese Room

Emnbarking on darker schemes… Consisting of Leeds-based producer Steve Whitfield and French singer Fabrice Nau, Scenius produce electronic music that expresses an analogue warmth combined with a crunchy, almost tangible quality. The duo’s music also serves up a melancholic feel, … Read More