This weeks tunes feature the percussive synth-pop of ODDITY, the powerful tunes of TWIST HELIX and dancepop goodness of VOI VANG.

ODDITY – Revolution

There’s something magical about the combination between Oddity’s warm synth-pop sounds and the visuals of their beguiling video for new outing ‘Revolution’.

Describing themselves as “open, sincere, emotional and moderately ironic music”, the Russian 3-piece outfit consists of Kolya, Andrew and Serg. As a band, their influences and inspirations point in the right direction with an electronic take on Joy Division’s classic ‘Transmission’. Their 2016 EP American Beauty also featured some percussive synth tunes, including the title track – which at times sounds like a collision between Parralox and Electric Youth.

Meanwhile, ‘Revolution’ shows Oddity revealing a much more polished stab at synth-pop. The bass-heavy repetitive rhythms which drive the song forward are matched by the mesmerising icy vocals. It’s a perfect storm of stylish synth-pop that will hook you from start to finish.


TWIST HELIX – Little Buildings

3-piece synth-pop outfit Twist Helix boast dramatic tunes and big, euphoric vocal melodies. Arriving in 2016 on the back of debut single ‘Decade’. they’ve since built up a healthy profile on the festival circuit.

Hailing from Newcastle, Twist Helix consists of singer and synth player Bea, bassist Michael and drummer James. New release ‘Little Buildings’ (taken from forthcoming album Ouseburn) has a solid sound to it which is helped by their willingness to embrace a variety of instrumentation, including guitar and live drums (something that TEC favourites Hot Pink Abuse also use to their advantage). The result is a robust tune which is topped off with Bea’s powerful vocals.

There’s an energy to Twist Helix that definitely leaves an impression and they’ve got the chops to make their presence known to a much broader audience on the strength of tunes such as ‘Little Buildings’.


VOI VANG – Mirror

Voi Vang has been making waves with a number of appearances at electronic events across the UK, including an impressive performance at last summer’s Silicon Dreams event.

‘Mirror’ continues to demonstrate her knack for dance pop with an electronic flavour. The track starts out with a plaintive piano melody before transforming into a much more dynamic outing. Bouncing between pop and EDM elements, there’s a captivating use of rhythms and melodies to produce a powerful dance floor filler.

It’s also a track that reveals Voi Vang’s impressive vocal range, which has a punchy, direct power that sits in tandem with the driving electronic beats.