Tenek’s Peter Steer in conversation…

With the current Coronavirus crisis impacting the music industry, many bands are artists are struggling to adapt. Live concerts have all but come to a halt and this sudden change means many artists are switching their focus more strongly onto writing and recording.

For some artists it’s ironically a busy time, particularly when their talents are also in demand from other bands. Peter Steer falls into that category, a multi-disciplined artist who is probably best known for electro-rock outfits such as Tenek and his work with Sinestar. In more recent times, his musical skills have been used on releases by mysterious combo Tin Gun and also Agency-V (which also features Lloyd Price and Marie Williamson).

In this new interview with Johnny Normal, Peter discusses his early musical influences and his initial exploration of the electronic scene. Along the way, we learn about the genesis of Tenek (including where the name derives from), the best (and also the worst!) Tenek gigs, finishing off the new Sinestar single (which is being produced as a tribute to the late James Skuse) and new collaborations with the likes of EMT and The Stir Fry Pop Star.

Tenek also contributed to the Electronic Saviors project with a new track. Here, Peter talks about working with the US compilation label and their ongoing support in the battle against cancer.

Peter also chats to Johnny on his thoughts on the UK electronic music scene and also his thoughts on how the current crisis is likely to impact the live scene in the near future.

Johnny Normal is a radio presenter, musician and event producer responsible for the Synthetic City electronic music events. As a musician, Johnny has been performing his catalogue of original synth-pop since 2008. In 2018 he created The Rude Awakening and, along with Bridget Gray, and released the widely acclaimed Kaleidoscope album in 2019 on the Pink Dolphin Music label (see TEC review previously).