TIN GUN – Reanimation

The enigmatic electronic outfit return…

Tin Gun are the brainchild of three established musicians who are by no means strangers to the world of electronic music and performance. They are, of course, Tim Dorney (Republica/Flowered Up), Peter Steer (Tenek/Sinestar) and Mark Trueman (Sinestar). Their latest project offers up a fresh vibrant take on electro pop, in the form of their Reanimation EP.

The EP consists of three immensely strong tracks and two remixes; an engine in itself that powers this short medley of masterful, provocative dance rhythms all blended into characterful and thought-provoking songs. Compact yet effective, it combines deep washes of synths, rhythmic punchy basslines and melodic guitars – all casting memorable phrases that you can’t help but sing along to.

The reflective ‘Anthracite Days’ is a laid-back approach to a variety of instrumental experiments. It’s a full exploration of embellishment, harmony and melodic structure, while the Grayedout Remix portrays waves of yet more reflective calm before it progresses to add more sheen to its personality, the music giving off an air of spontaneity and uncertainty.

Devout fans of Gary Numan, I’m in no doubt, will absolutely love the anthemic and robotic ‘Bombers.’ Built around a simple progression, yet explicitly delivering a hard electro vibe that’s impossible to ignore, it showcases masses of hints to the classic master himself. Surely destined to be one of those excellent, punch-the-air kind of live tracks that everyone just immediately responds to. Turn it up loud.

Just to demonstrate their expressive and yet more creative side, is a vibrant Matt Gunn mix of ‘Reanimation.’ Its percussive in an addictive way – a little reggae-like upon intro, sometimes spacey, as well as incredibly statement-like. It is perhaps the bright city lights of the whole EP, which is just as well, given it will most likely sound right at home in a trendy nightclub. In contrast, the opening title track (original mix) has a definite contemporary pop aspect with sharp synth hooks and funk-like guitar rhythms. It harks back to classic Tenek, and possesses a definite sparkle in the musical sense, delivering echoes towards the most sophisticated of 80s synth pop out there.

Tin Gun’s Reanimation EP released 26th November, for sure, gives a tantalising glimpse of what to expect from the trio come 2022 – it sets the scene for what will be a highly anticipated full album. However, if you’re left hungry for more, which is totally expected, then you can catch them when they make their live debut supporting Tiny Magnetic Pets at London Water Rats.

It’s hard to go for a top pick –‘Bombers’ can’t fail, providing such a classic slapback, the Matt Gunn mix of ‘Reanimation’ is modernistic and contemporary – a superb take on the original mix of ‘Reanimation’ which also holds its place as a slick and stylish pop offering.

Reanimation is released 26th November via BandCamp: https://tingun.bandcamp.com/album/reanimation-ep.


Tin Gun will be performing live with Tiny Magnetic Pets at Water Rats on 25th March 2022. Details and tickets: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/tiny-magnetic-pets-tickets-177167170777

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