TIN GUN – Devils And Angels

Reaching for the light…

Cryptic electronic outfit Tin Gun have returned with their third release ‘Devils And Angels’, continuing to demonstrate that their particularly gritty take on synth-pop is still working to great effect.

Previously, the Tintagel-based band served up the engaging melodies of We Are Not Your Enemy’ (see TEC review previously) which made good use of layered synths and a euphoric chorus. That was followed by the more muscular ‘Social Revelation’, which provided an intriguing commentary on the perils of social media.

One of the key components in Tin Gun’s musical approach is the only unveiled member of the 3-piece group before now. The veteran talents of Pete Steer (Tenek/Sinestar) delivered vocals and guitar on Tin Gun’s previous outings, lending each composition an edge that’s matched by the beefy electronic foundations that their catalogue has served up so far.

‘Devils And Angels’ appears to be the outfit’s best song to date, a wonderfully uplifting affair which also serves up some New Order-style bass licks. That dynamism is contrasted by the lyrical themes of the song, which delve into the darker aspects of the human condition, echoed in lines such as “I seek the peace inside of me/There is a blackness stood next to me”.

During the current Covid crisis, these themes are very timely and ‘Devils And Angels’ is also, perhaps, symptomatic of similar compositions that many electronic outfits are producing at present.

Mixed and mastered by Tim Dorney (Republica), ‘Devils And Angels’ is a masterful slice of alternative synth-pop with a sheen and a polish to it that gives that extra punch. Meanwhile, there’s also a Psykelektric Remix thrown in for good measure.

Meanwhile, those who are keen to know the true identities of the members of Tin Gun will be pleased to know that they have finally been revealed after two years of mystery care of this video:

So Tin Gun are officially Pete Steer, Tim Dorney and Mark Trueman – and on the strengths of ‘Devils And Angels’, let’s hope they’ve plenty more music to serve up in the future.

‘Devils And Angels’ is out 26th of March via BandCamp: https://tingun.bandcamp.com/album/devils-angels and from 2nd of April on all popular online stores.