In his formative years, David Anderson Kirk performed in a number of post-punk bands before jumping into electronic music. Taking inspiration from the likes of techno, house and industrial music, Kirk’s music, as revealed on new release ‘Doubt’, has a curiously enigmatic quality.

The smooth electronic rhythms are bolstered by a collaboration with CMB’s Casey Desmond. Previously, Desmond’s ethereal vocals graced one of the recent ELYXR compositions (specifically, the stylish pop of ‘Take Me There’ from the Eternal Life Eternal Youth album).

Billed as a “ketamine-infused collaboration” ‘Doubt’ certainly has a twilight quality to it with a warm melodic approach (It’s also available in an equally engaging remix flavour care of Terminal Shock).

‘Doubt’ is out now on Jungle Up Records.



Hailing from Sweden, Andersson & Pettersson features Mark Pettersson (My God Damn Territory) in a new venture that seeks to combine the organic with the electronic.

The duo made their debut earlier this year with the lo-fi charm of ‘Last Part’. Their latest outing ‘Monster’ has a brooding quality that reflects the composition’s lyrical themes. “The monster in the song is your darkest anxiety” suggest the duo, “The anxiety you’re alone with, the anxiety you don’t get out of, the one that remains and gets deeper because your ways of removing it only make it worse. You know you’re wrong, but can’t do it right. Do you want to do it right?”

The slow pop appeal of this tune combined with the soft burr of the vocals will find favour among those fans of fellow Nordic outfit Savoy. ‘Monster’ also offers an example of a duo that can tease musical delights with a more subtle hand on the synths.

‘Monster’ is out today.


UNKNOWN LAND – Moonlight

We’re no strangers to intercontinental music partnerships here at The Electricity Club, so the discovery of Unknown Land (which combines talents from Chile and Australia) seems par for the course.

Unknown Land is a collaboration between Lucia Ponticas (Chile) and Rob Bryant (Australia). Originally conceived in 2015 after Lucia and Rob met on Twitter (promoting their respective solo projects Lucia Fenix and Bare Island), they quickly they realised their styles complimented each other and Unknown Land was born.

The haunting melodies of ‘Moonlight’ are pulled from Unknown Land’s latest album Dark Seasons. The subtle gothic elements on this composition seem to marry up dreampop with a bit of darkwave. It might be a strange combo, but the shadowy soundscape offers a beguiling quality that can’t fail to draw the listener in.

‘Moonlight’ features on the Dark Seasons album out now.


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