PARRALOX – Electric Nights

Only a limousine can take you there…

Melbourne-based outfit Parralox need little introduction. Founder-member John von Ahlen’s work ethic alone serves as an inspiration for the heights other artists can reach, but at the same time the electronic outfit continue to produce Pop with a capital ‘P’.

Johanna Gervin once again demonstrates that she’s one of the finest voices in the world of electropop with her vital vocals on ‘Electric Nights’. It’s a euphoric floor-stomper crafted in the style that only Parralox can pull off. ‘Electric Nights’ also comes with a suitably dynamic video packed with visual delights. It’s an explosion of primary colours and effects that lends the whole affair a dayglo sheen.

Back in June, John von Ahlen discussed the track ahead of its release in an exclusive interview with The Electricity Club: “The next single for Parralox is ‘Electric Nights’ feat Johanna, and it should have been released at the start of 2017. We have all the remixes ready, all the artwork is done. The only thing holding up the release is the film clip. We shot the film clip last year at the same time we did the photo shoot at Nik Pate’s studio.” After spending some time editing the video, ‘Electric Nights’ was finally ready to be let loose on the world this month.


The origin of ‘Electric Nights’ actually dates back to 2002, back when Roxy was part of the Parralox line-up (she also co-wrote the song). The tune was submitted to the Australian Independent Music Awards – and apparently won Best Dance song in 2003, but plans to release it seemed to get delayed due to Parralox’s hectic schedule.

The song has been redefined for 2017 – and there’s also a special bundle version available featuring 3 bonus CDs. As a result, ‘Electric Nights’ comes armed with an arsenal of remixes from a wealth of electropop’s finest talents. This includes the likes of Pete Hammond, who’s worked his magic for artists such as Kylie Minogue, Bananarama and Dead Or Alive (and who worked his magic on ‘Sharper Than A Knife’ previously). Tobias Bernstrup and Will Alonso also feature and The People Theatre’s Cable Remix gives the track a thumping EDM workover.

There’s also a selection of additional tracks which have their own appeal. ‘Artificial’ channels Giorgio Moroder while von Ahlen demonstrates that he’s also got some decent vocal chops on the cyberpunk delights of ’I Hear Voices’, which also has a nice line in vocoder elements.

Among the bonus CDs is a dedicated Will Alonso remix CD. This features some classic Parralox tunes, including ‘Aeronaut’, ‘Crying On The Dancefloor’ and the iconic ‘Sharper Than A Knife’.

Also included is The OXY Mashup which features remixes from OXY (aka Breezesquad) from Japan. The results are some sterling combinations of Parralox alongside some Japanese tunes. One of the standout moments is ‘Moonwalkin’ Disco’, which combines Parralox’s ‘Moonwalking’ with Japanese technopop outfit Perfume’s ‘One Room Disco’.

Dedicated to cult film director John Carpenter, ‘Electric Nights’ arrives during a typically busy period for the Australian electropop gang. Their continuing series of unique cover versions reaches the next chapter with the release of Holiday ’17. Plus, Parralox have their sights set on a new studio album for 2018 titled Genesis.

‘Electric Nights’ is out now on Subterrane Records.