LOLA DUTRONIC – Sounds Like An Anthem

International Anthem

Back in 2015, one of the albums that really stood out among the many electronic outings that that particular year offered was the sublime Lost In Translation (see our review previously) from Toronto/Düsseldorf duo Richard Citroen and Stephanie B – aka Lola Dutronic.

Their talent for combining accessible pop with a sense of wit is something that they’ve also managed to keep up post-Lost In Translation. For instance, the black humour of ‘Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead : The Sequel’ or the wistful pop of ‘My Name Is Lola’.

It’s also never quite your birthday unless someone posts up Lola Dutronic’s wonderful ‘Happy Birthday’ on your Facebook page.

Now Lola Dutronic jump straight back into action in 2019 with ‘Sounds Like An Anthem’, a breezy number whose gentle melodies deliver a fitting message in the lyrics (“It’s OK to be yourself”).

Once again, Stephanie B’s seductive vocals lend the composition an hypnotic quality that can’t help but enthral the listener. As she confirmed in our interview back in 2017, Stephanie’s vocal style draws from that particular French school that includes Francoise Hardy and Serge Gainsbourg. “I got kind of stuck in the ’60s” commented Stephanie at the time.

Rather than conforming to an ordinary life, this tune suggests being yourself and to “Listen to voices in your head”, particularly if they sound like an anthem as the song’s title suggests.

‘Sounds Like An Anthem’ (which, unusually, was actually written on a ukulele of all things) continues the international duo’s talent for smart, engaging pop. Listen to the voices in your own head and check it out today.

‘Sounds Like An Anthem’ is out now and is available via iTunes and Bandcamp.