A collaborative affair delivering sinister delights…

Dicepeople have crafted their own particular take on dark electronic music in recent years, leaning towards a more electropop direction on the back of releases such as ‘Synthetic’. But they’ve still retained an interest in the broodier side of electronica, as evidenced in their new collaborative release with Moi Saint.

The Shallow Under Skin EP also sees a new release on Syndicol Music, a record label set up by Charlie Dawe (Ventenner) in 2017 – and the new home for both Dicepeople and Moi Saint. This collaboration combines the talents of both parties, with Dicepeople providing the muscular electronic elements, while Moi Saint delivers a mesmerising vocal that gravitates between the ethereal and the sinister.

Although Moi Saint counts the usual suspects in her list of influences, including the likes of Numan, Depeche Mode and Coil, she’s still managed to construct her own particular sound and style. With a vocal style that apparently draws from a broad base (everyone from Courtney Love to Trent Reznor), Moi Saint’s 2017 EP The New Moon demonstrated an ability to combine an dreamlike vocal quality with a thumping electronic foundation.

On this new EP, title track ‘Shallow Under Skin’ features a disquieting quality for this gothic composition with Moi Saint’s siren-like delivery revolving around themes of shallowness (“Your words were empty shells/I don’t need any of this shit”).

Meanwhile, ‘Fallen Down’ erupts with a staccato intro and offers a more stripped-down affair. Its stark electronic percussion providing the foundation for Moi Saint’s ghostly vocals.

The EP also features remixes of both tracks, including input from Microchip Junky (who gave a sterling performance at 2017’s Electro Punk Party event). Microchip Junky’s Lack Of Depth mix of ‘Shallow Under Skin’ disassembles the original, placing Moi Saint’s vocals front and centre. It manages to give the track a harsher quality, the industrial sounds that pepper the mix suggesting it’s been given the remix treatment by a team of car manufacturing robots.

Elsewhere, Deflexity gets to grips with a prowling electronic miasma for his take on ‘Fallen Down’. At the same time, there’s a nice use of space slotted in here and there which gives the whole affair a broader canvas to work on.

Shallow Under Skin kicks 2018 off with an accomplished slice of dark electronic delights, but also helps to establish Syndicol’s chops as a electronic music label worth keeping an eye on.

Shallow Under Skin is out 22nd January on Syndicol Music.