LEGPUPPY – Meds and Beer

There’s no need to fear…

Electronic anarchists Leg Puppy have plenty to say on themes such as narcissism, social media addiction, paranoia and identity theft. Their album You Should Be Paranoid tackled such diverse topics (and more besides) earlier in the year, while also utilising an intriguing mix of music styles.

But on stage is where Leg Puppy really come into their own. Their legendary live shows introduce an element of performance art that can be either witty, disturbing or engaging – even a combination of all 3.

Among the arsenal of tunes that the outfit rely on for many of their live shows is the emphatic ‘Meds And Beer’, particularly because it offers up an opportunity for the audience to join in.

A wry stab at corporate culture with an electro punk aesthetic, it’s a track that’s finally been granted a proper release. An ode to the daily grind of office life (“I’m in a meeting about a meeting”), ‘Meds And Beer’ runs like a checklist of corporate buzzwords and cliches. The “Spreadsheet/PowerPoint” mantra runs throughout, alongside a chugging rhythm and a composition that’s focussed on a monotone vocal.

As with the likes of ‘Selfie Stick’, the arrival of ‘Meds And Beer’ is its own timely anthem for the 9-to-5 routine.

Meanwhile, the video for the song features weary commuting, inspired dance routines, heavy drinking – and exceptional PowerPoint tips. Team Leg Puppy offer up the perfect prescription for the post-work blues.

A heady mix of sarcasm, commentary and attitude, ‘Meds And Beer’ is a raw workout of frustration likely to resonate with corporate culture. Schedule your meeting today.

Meds and Beer is out now.

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