EMT – Diva

Drama pop go…

With the arrival of the internet, the opportunity to gain that 15 minutes of fame predicted by Andy Warhol expanded at a staggering pace. In the modern era, there’s an arms race of sorts for voraciously cultivating likes and shares, while the role of the influencer has become a target career for aspiring social media climbers.

It’s a phenomena that’s turned attention-seeking into a global sport, particularly via outlets such as Instagram and YouTube. But at the same time it brings with it an ugly, toxic undercurrent which is tough to ignore. That obsessive aspect of social media has been something explored previously by outfits such as Leg Puppy (see ‘Twit Machine’ and ‘Selfie Stick’ as examples).

Enter EmT, a London-based electronic duo who have turned their attention to the rise of the social media star with new outing ‘Diva’. Describing the song as being about the “fakery of social media, vacuous reality TV ‘stars’ and the selfie-centred, self-obsessed”, EmT are not being particularly ambiguous in the composition’s themes.

Consisting of Ema Walter and Tony Blue, EmT have built a reputation via previous pop-infused singles such as ‘Regret’, ‘Walk away’, ‘Feel me’ and ‘Disciples’. Meanwhile, their 2017 album Resolute was summed up by Electronic Sound as “infectious muscular synth pop”.

‘Diva’ has an effectively strident pop approach with some engaging melodic hooks, which revolves around the powerful “I’m a 24 hour celebrity” line delivered by Ema Walter with a sting. The whole song drips with an amusing venomous commentary, bolstered by some driving synth strings.

There’s something timely about the release of EmT’s latest which is likely to resonate with those that have encountered characters that match the “Attention-seeking nobody” that the lyrics explore. Certainly lines such as “In my ivory tower/Come worship me” have a knowing quality to them, tackling egos out of control with a pop polish.

Meanwhile, the Psykelectric ‘OK Hun?’ remix of ‘Diva’ gives the whole affair a more dynamic approach. It’s a kinetic pop workover that retains the power of the original, but with an additional electropop impact.

The song boasts production and mastering by regular EmT collaborator Tim Dorney (Republica/Flowered Up). It also features guitar by Pete Steer (Tenek, Sinestar, Tin Gun).

‘Diva’ offers a perfect introduction to EmT – while also serving up a suitable anthem to the modern age.

‘Diva’ is out 28th August.