LEG PUPPY – The Air in Utopia is Poison

Utopia falls The peculiar direction that anarchic outfit Leg Puppy like to move in has seen them conjure up a strange and beguiling world in recent years. It’s a world of dark grooves, satire and social commentary that often highlights … Read More


A positive reaction to a difficult world The legendary Blitz Club provided a catalyst for many of the musical talents that were emerging in that odd crossover point between the 1970s and 1980s. Synonymous with the fashionable New Romantic movement, … Read More

MARINA – Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land

You are not here to conform As with many musical artists, Marina’s 2020 plans were tripped up by the Covid-19 pandemic, which sunk a scheduled Spring tour. But despite her live performance plans being kicked into the long grass, her … Read More


How can this be true… After a year of a live performance schedule that resembled a scene from Mad Max, the news that OMD were to perform live once again came as something of a shock. In fact, the You … Read More

MOODBAY – My Thing

I come alive… Previously, electropop duo Moodbay have done an impressive turn care of solid tunes such as the synth sweeps of ‘Video Games’ and the hypnotic ‘Like Nobody Else’. Consisting of Alfie Cattell and Anna Stephens, the duo cite … Read More

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