BEKIMACHINE – Another Atmosphere

Sc-Fi Synth-pop with a heart… Previously, Bekimachine had turned up on the TEC radar via the New Cross Dark performances where her distinctive sound and approach (not often you’ll see an electronic musician take up a flute) marked her out … Read More


Out of the void… It’s a cold and grim evening as the winter weather begins to draw its icy fingers around town. Tonight sees the launch event for Bekimachine’s new album Another Atmosphere (see TEC review previously). The good news … Read More

a-ha – True North

Good sailors always return… Back in 2015, a-ha surprised everyone by doing a volte-face on their then-retirement to return with new album Cast In Steel (see TEC review). That album presented the band in a more mature light and seemed … Read More

PRINCESS CHELSEA Live at The Moth Club

Return of the loneliest girl… Since 2011, Princess Chelsea has served up four albums of engaging indie pop with her fifth album, Everything Is Going To Be Alright, ready to keep that legacy going. The New Zealand musician also has … Read More


Geodynamic pop A sense of perspective is sometimes a necessary thing to appreciate a body of work. At times, its true nature may not reveal itself when exploring its individual parts. A good time then to delve into Dubstar’s new … Read More

SOFT CELL – *Happiness Not Included

Classic synth-pop duo serve up a new helping… Some things are just too predictable, the reaction of cynicism from some quarters that followed Soft Cells’ full return to our world after the ‘one night only’ O2 extravaganza certainly fell into … Read More

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