AIVIS – The Wilderness (Dancing With Ruby Remix)

AIVIS get the remix treatment from Dancing With Ruby

Previously, the debut release of electronic music duo AIVIS in the form of ‘The Wilderness’ had struck a chord of sorts here. The TEC review noted the “nice use of harmonies” and the “smooth, warm feel underpinning the engaging vocals. The sparse percussion adds to the charm”.

Now the track has been given the remix treatment by fellow electropop duo Dancing With Ruby, giving the composition a whole new lease of life.

AIVIS consists of Aidan Smeaton based in Scotland, and Travis Murphy based in the US. As with many outfits, the geographical distances seem to be less of an issue when files can be swapped back and forth over the internet.

In an interview with The Pansentient League website, Aidan described the music of AIVIS as “Catchy emotional insidious glitchy electronic pop” while Travis adds “Lately I’ve been saying think of Lorde with a male vocalist and darker vocals but more instrument heavy”.

Meanwhile, Dancing With Ruby is the electropop venture that Matt Culpin embarked upon post-Northern Kind, alongside Charlie Sanderson. The results were the 2015 album In the Interest of Beasts and, more recently, the Animals + Arachnids EP.

Tunes such as ‘Dance Move Feel’ and ‘Animals’ have both an energy and a simple, captivating quality to them. This is synth-pop executed with the emphasis on “pop” (Dancing With Ruby managed to get mentions in our sister site Wavegirl’s Songs Of The Year in both 2015 and 2016).

As a collaboration, this seems like an unlikely pairing, with AIVIS aiming for a more esoteric approach to electronic music, while Dancing With Ruby are firmly in Camp Electropop.

Yet this remix manages to combine the best of both outfits. The airy delights of the original are given a more robust foundation by the more upfront electropop additions. Meanwhile, Charlie’s distinctive vocal style slides in easily as a counterpoint to Aidan’s wistful voice.

This release, which also features remixes from KEYTNE and Alpine Blizzard, shows how there’s a magic to be gleaned from two distinctly different outfits pooling their talents.

An AIVIS album is already in the works which the pair describe as featuring “Hooks, hooks and more hooks!”. Meanwhile, Matt and Charlie are still writing and recording with a view to pulling together a successor to In the Interest of Beasts.

Dancing With Ruby are appearing at the forthcoming Dave Charles Music Extravaganza 2017, alongside Tenek, Republica, Sinestar, Rainland and John Costello among others. The event takes place on 1st/2nd September 2017 at Club Enigma, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. Tickets via