Synthrock with heart…

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, it seems little can prevent electronic artists from pursuing their creative goals. As we’ve seen recently, that also leads to some intriguing collaborations, some of which cross global boundaries.

Take new duo Platronic, a collaboration which brings in talents from Germany and Finland to produce smooth synthrock in the form of debut release ‘Pride’. The emerging duo consists of singer/songwriter Kay Burden and Finnish producer Some-E, who have both chalked up their own distinctive musical paths previously.

Kay Burden embraces a love for 80s synth-pop that’s kept her busy in her role as singer across a variety of projects in Germany and abroad. Her vocal talents have drawn comparisons with Alison Moyet and Terri Nunn (Berlin). She also placed third Best Female Artist in Radio Wigwam’s 2019 polls.

Earlier this year she also released a charity single, the ethereal pop of ‘Mother Earth’ (a co-write with producer All Star Motivator) which offered up remixes from Plike and Some-E. Previously, Burden has worked with the likes of Fused and Jigsaw Sequence as well as French outfit Stereo In Solo (for the kinetic dancepop of ‘TV News’).

Meanwhile, Finland’s Some-E (aka Sami Jumppanen) originally embarked on creating music back in 1990, taking inspiration from techno, acid house and the emerging EBM scene.

Crafting remixes for releases from the likes of Alt-A and Sapphira Vee, Some-E also released the techno-fuelled ‘Finale’ earlier this year and, by way of contrast, the reflective moods of ‘Washed by the Autumn’.

The genesis of the Platronic venture originally sprang from a conversation between the pair on Instagram in 2019, with a view to celebrating their mutual love of iconic 80s synth-pop acts such as a-ha, Yazoo and Roxette.

‘Pride’ is a warm slice of electropop with heart. Penned as a “thrilling song about love, passion and inner conflict”, it’s a synth rock workout that captures the emotional electronic music direction the duo want to move in. Kay Burden’s vocals have a breathy, evocative quality to them, while the piano-led melodies and arrangement have an earthy, solid foundation.

For those that like their electropop to have that particular European flavour, but with a distinct electronic wrapping, ‘Pride’ will deliver on all fronts.

‘Pride’ is out now.