AGENCY-V – No Divide – The Remixes

There’s no divide…

Originally formed during the original Covid-19 lockdown period, Agency-V combines the talents of Marie Williamson (AfterDark), Lloyd Price (The Frixion) and Peter Steer (Tenek & Sinestar) to deliver powerful electronic rock.

This collaborative effort had originally been an idea that Lloyd Price had discussed with Peter Steer for a while. Steer, meanwhile, has been busy himself with plans for new Sinestar releases as well as other projects where his guitar skills have been in high demand (including mystery combo Tin Gun). For Agency-V, that lends the whole affair a grittier, rock element to its overall sound.

The last vital element of Agency-V’s unique sound is the vocal talents of Marie Williamson. Previously, Williamson has embraced an equal love for both electronic and rock tunes, including such diverse acts as Depeche Mode and Green Day. On that basis, her beguiling vocal talents dovetails perfectly into Agency-V’s approach.

Earlier this year, Agency-V released the No Divide EP (see Electricity Club review previously) which featured four compositions of polished tunes that darted between bold synth-pop, electro rock and hard-edged guitar licks.

It’s always fun when you get other people involved in some music projects, which has led to Agency-V’s latest offering – a remix EP featuring a broad variety of talents including Andy Gray, Nude Sound System, Baba Vanga, Inertia, Psykelektric and Tin Gun.

Each bring their own distinct approach to the original songs, in some cases producing some surprisingly different takes.

‘Paranoid’, which was one of the standout compositions from the original EP, combined a synth-pop polish contrasted with some more robust percussion elements. Here, the track gets two workovers, with Nude Sound System ramping up the percussive qualities. Meanwhile, the Baba Vanga Remix gives it the tranced-up club banger treatment, transforming the song into something very special.

The muscular ‘Meant To Be’ offered up one of Williamson’s finest vocal deliveries in its original incarnation – a deceptively soft edge that hid an emotional punch (“Is this really over now?/So blind we cannot see”). The Inertia Remix puts the focus on a pulsing synth beat, giving it an oddly hypnotic alien quality.

‘Some Kind of Game’ was a bit of an outlier originally; dipping into lounge pop territory with a more smoky, soulful take on the vocals. The Tin Gun Remix gives it a bolder, bigger sound palette to pull from here. Elsewhere, the Grayedout Remix aims for a murkier, more industrial sheen.

‘This Time’ emerged as possibly the best composition on the No Divide EP. A brash anthem built up of urgent synth hooks battling with raw guitar while Williamson’s vocals ring out loud and proud (“Don’t mess up, this time/There’s no divide”). Here, the Psykelektric remix breaks the track down, enhancing more electronic elements. The result is more of a slow-burning affair with a raw appeal.

If the original No Divide struck a chord with you, then the remixes presented here will certainly help to enhance Agency-V’s styled electro rock in a new light.

No Divide – The Remixes is out now.