New year, new music…

We’re not even past January yet and there’s already a wealth of good tunes floating out there in the ever-reliable electronic music scene. Here, we offer up a small sampling of intriguing new songs that are also all very different from each other; running the range from breezy synthwave, lush ambience and darkwave dance.

This also includes acts that may have been established for a while, but have previously not been covered by The Electricity Club. Hopefully, you’ll find something in this list that appeals to your own discerning tastes…

MACHINA X – Silent Now

Anglo-Burmese duo Machina X served up a new EP last year in the form of The Art of Letting Go, which the outfit describe as “a cathartic response to the pandemic”. ‘Silent Now’ is pulled from that EP, a breezy number that also boasts sweeping synth elements and a haunting vocal.

Keen ears will detect that Annie from Machina X previously joined forces with Nature of Wires for a special Christmas cover of ‘2000 Miles’ (see review previously). Here in her native environment, there’s a synthwave-inspired foundation with triggered percussion, acting as a perfect foil for Annie’s wistful vocal delivery. The tracks on the EP tackle “an emotional jigsaw” according to the duo, with ‘Silent Now’ embracing anger and defiance.


PALINDRONES – This Inebriating Darkness

London-based electronic outfit Palindrones craft an unusual combination of ambient mood and glitchy beats to produce warm, dreamlike compositions. The multi-instrumentalist duo has recently issued ‘This Inebriating Darkness’, which holds a strange, hypnotic presence with immersive synth washes and ethereal vocal overlays.

The duo keep things cryptic, identifying themselves as J Palindrones (synths, guitars, beats, percussion) and K Palindrones (synths, guitars, theremin, vocals). ‘This Inebriating Darkness’ is pulled from forthcoming album The Principle Of Consciousness (due out January 21st). The outfit describe the album as drawing on “ancient mythologies and the interplay between natural and urban environments with the repeating cycles of the past and present, weaving a labyrinthine tapestry of emotive, organic textures and pulsing dance beats.”

‘This Inebriating Darkness’ is certainly a good place to start with Palindrones, particularly if your fancy lies in lush ambient electronic reveries.


MASSIVE EGO – Dead Eyes Black

Darkwave outfit Massive Ego have been active since 1996 and have been a consistently hardworking outfit in recent times, which has culminated in the forthcoming release of new EP The New Normal. Not keen to be easily pigeonholed, they have offered alternative ideas for a suitable genre, including “electroslut clash” or “eyeliner punk”. Choice, as ever, is everything.

‘Dead Eyes Black’ offers up pulsing electronic beats and an angsty, muscular vocal delivery care of Marc Massive (“Look into your dead eyes/I see straight into the black”). Meanwhile, the composition is bolstered by some nice synth work weaved across its dark dance delights.