TECLIST: Dicepeople, Autorotation & Little Sleeps

A selection of electronic goodness care of DICEPEOPLE, AUTOROTATION and LITTLE SLEEPS…

As part of a new feature, The Electricity Club will be sampling a few select artists and bands and presenting them to you with a brief write-up of what they’re all about. We’ll often be mixing it up with dips into many different flavours of electronic music to see what tunes grab your fancy. This week, TEC is casting an eye over everything from dark pop to love affairs with foxes. What more could the discerning listener need?


The darkwave genre has always been a busy scene with a metric ton of bands and artists plying their wares. Dicepeople, an electronic outfit from London, consists of Matt Brock (musician, songwriter and producer), Atashi Tada (vocalist) and Rafael Filomeno (visual artist).

As a combo, Dicepople have been on the scene since 2013. The group have an emphasis on strong visuals as part of their live shows and they draw inspiration from the likes of Depeche Mode, John Carpenter, Siouxsie Sioux, Front 242 and all points inbetween.

‘Synthetic’ is pretty much on-point with its brooding gothic synth melodies against a burbling electronic background. Atashi Tada’s vocal lead is tweaked and distorted and lends the whole affair a cyberpunk aesthetic.

Along with a selection of remixes by the likes of Ventenner and Little Death Machine, ‘Synthetic’ is going to appeal to synth-pop enthusiasts who like their tunes to wander into darker territories.



Billing themselves as an “experimental electro-acoustic band”, London-based Autorotation offer up this intriguing little gem of a tune. ‘Swamped’ bats between minamilistic electronic percussion and an evocative vocal care of Robyn Sellman.

Released in December, ‘Swamped’ revolves around themes of staying out of the limelight and the idea that as a band under the radar, you’re actually given more opportunities for doing your own thing.

Autorotation began life as duo consisting of Sellman and Igor Olejar, but their lineup has since been expanded with the addition of Laura Tanner on percussion and vocals.


Little Sleeps

Any band getting a thumbs-up from OMD’s Andy McCluskey is worth taking a look at and Liverpool-based Little Sleeps certainly deliver more than a few rewards.

Big Awake was the duo’s first EP release and apparently details a love affair with “foxes, houses, bears, tigers and broken romances”. ‘Fox Spirit’ weaves together a hypnotic vocal with a raw electronic percussive beat, suggesting the likes of Curxes. ‘Bone Shaker’ is a glittering pop moment while ‘ A Kiss’ has a glitchy melodic appeal all its own.

This EP arrived back in 2013, so we’re a little late in shining a light on Little Sleeps, who describe themselves as “inspired by the geometrical shapes that plague our minds and fall out of us like nervous tics”. The outfit appear to have gone radio silent recently, which is a shame as the tracks here suggest they’ve much more to offer.