This weeks tunes of choice alternate between the smooth synth-pop of AIVIS, the lo-fi charms of DUCKS! and the analogue electronica of DALHAM.


Consisting of Aidan and Travis, the former from Scotland and the latter from the USA, the duo that make up AIVIS had a bit of an issue with geographical distance to contend with. This didn’t stop the pair working together over the internet, a collaboration that delivered the smooth synth-pop warmth of ‘The Wilderness’.

Now a new song has been unveiled by the pair in the form of ‘Sky’. The accompanying video for the song is a sort of travelogue, which shows Aidan in the US as Travis takes him around Chicago and the pair share cultural exchanges (such as introducing Irn-Bru to America). As for ‘Sky’ itself, it continues in the tradition that AIVIS have been cultivating with a particular electronic warmth topped out by a smooth vocal delivery from Aidan. The track has an effective and polished production at its heart, which delivers a crisp slice of electronic pop. In an interview with The Pansentient League website, Aidan described the music of AIVIS as “Catchy emotional insidious glitchy electronic pop”, which sums things up nicely.

‘Sky’ is available via Spotify https://goo.gl/M8quTy, iTunes https://goo.gl/J0mW5J and Amazon https://goo.gl/L3lXva


Ducks! – Giant World

Ducks! consists of Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan, Berlin-based Australians who have been crafting their own style of electronic music since 2014. The pair released their debut album Ding Ding Ding last year and have also recorded music for art-world memoirs and surrealist radio adventures.

‘Giant World’ has a crunchy, lof-fi quality to it. It’s a track with a beguiling combination of electronics and indistinct elements that lend the whole composition a certain charm.

‘Giant World’ is taken from their new album Nak Nak which the duo describe as an album that will “explore the life aquatic, from tiny ponds and rock pools to great, dark oceans; from the imaginary childhood sea of blue crepe waves and paper fish hung from coat hangers, to the real thing; huge, teeming with life, but so alien to the everyday world of humans that it might as well be outer space”.


Dalham – Waves

There’s an oddly unsettling tone to Dalham’s cinematic soundscapes. An electronic producer who cites influences ranging from from science fiction scores, late ’90s era Warp and modern hip hop, debut album Waves will appeal to fans of the likes of Boards Of Canada.

Gems such as ‘New Sun’ and ‘Prism’ offer up an immersive ocean of analogue delights, while ‘DXX’ is an oddly hypnotic, discordant affair.