Introducing ADAM TK

Mesmerizing electronic soundscapes from Sweden…

There’s a sweeping, immersive feel to the soundscapes that Swedish electronic musician ADAM TK composes. ‘V1’ which is taken from the forthcoming debut album V1-V10, is a shimmering soundscape underpinned by a steady beat which seems custom-made for shifting your consciousness into a different gear.

With a background as a TV and Hi-Fi repair technician, 27-year-old Adam already has a familiarity with electronics and technology. At 23, he discovered the likes of Tangerine Dream, pre- Autobahn Kraftwerk and Gas and began composing his own music as a result.

Finding an old and defunct Juno 6, Adam set about repairing the synth and, in combination with the free DAW that came with his computer, began composing his first tracks on it.

Adam’s early work was very minimal, mostly consisting of just a bassline, a simple bass drum and the addition of field recordings. Since then, he’s focused on building his own synthesisers to pursue his musical visions.

After departing his native Stockholm last year, Adam travelled to the mountains of Marocco to work on recording material. The musician is inspired by his immediate surroundings as much as music and field recordings continue to play an important part in his work.

“The mountains of Marocco is a very special place” Adam reflects, “Epic and desolated it gives me just as much melancholy as beauty and that’s exactly what I wanted to bring into the V1-V10 tracks”.

Inspired by the psychoactive qualities of peyote, Adam set up camp in a cave. With a nearby stream adding to the mesmerising sound effects, it’s here that the musician crafted the composition ‘V1’ that would form the first part of his collected works.

There’s a timeless element to ‘VI’ with its soporific washes of sound augmented by delicate electronic noises that flutter in and out. While other musicians might feel the urge to clutter up this broad space with more of a dynamic approach in terms of beats and rhythms, ‘V1’ succeeds on its minimalist foundations.

V1-V10 is released 17th February via Quiet Records.