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Mythical snowscape moments Previously, TEC cast an eye over preston.outatime’s 2019 album Coplanar (see review), which showcased the enigmatically-named electronic artist’s captivating take on electronica. That album jumped around a lot in style and approach which included ambient (‘Semblance, Resemblance’), … Read More


Flat out of choices only broken dreams… There are times when an album jumps out at you purely on the basis of the names contributing to it. Case in point is Radio Babylon, a new album courtesy of music collective … Read More

FRAGRANCE. – Salt Water

Dreaming white and blue… Back in 2019, we were intrigued by the combination of ethereal and moody elements present on Now That I’m Real (see TEC review previously), via Fragrance. (aka Matthieu Roche). That interest was also piqued by Fragrance.’s … Read More

SPRAY – Ambiguous Poems About Death

Space Cat Go In 2019, Spray’s album Failure Is Inevitable was one of our albums of the year, in which we summed it up as “sharp, polished electronic pop”. At the same time, the album was bursting with the wit … Read More

NEGATIVE RESPONSE – Submersion Therapy

Strange feelings taking hold… The 1980s provided fertile ground for homegrown electronic musicians to experiment and get to grips with emerging technology. Negative Response was one such outfit, a minimal synth affair that had originally been reconstructed from the remains … Read More

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