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CHVRCHES – He Said She Said

All the things he said… At this point, it would be churlish (“chvrlish”, even) to regard Chvrches as a smalltime band. With a catalogue of critically-acclaimed compositions in their musical arsenal, while also swiftly becoming festival favourites, it’s fair to … Read More

TIN GUN – Devils And Angels

Reaching for the light… Cryptic electronic outfit Tin Gun have returned with their third release ‘Devils And Angels’, continuing to demonstrate that their particularly gritty take on synth-pop is still working to great effect. Previously, the Tintagel-based band served up … Read More

2020 – Albums Of The year

2020’s best electronic albums… 2020 has proved to be a grim year for many reasons, but chiefly because of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet, despite the gruelling impact of Covid both personally and professionally on so many people, … Read More

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