This weeks tunes feature dynamic electropop via ELEKTRISK GØNNER, the pop/trip-hop stylings of LIVING DEAD GIRL and lush soundscapes care of OSHH.


There’s an engaging dynamic quality to ‘Money’ the latest release from Elektrisk Gønner – an electronic project formed by Benjamin Løzninger and featuring some beguiling vocals from Skylar Cocco.

Løzninger grew up in France with a love for an eclectic mix of music, including Kraftwerk and The Clash. His mother also sang and played ukulele in a punk choir, which helped build a broad spectrum of influences and ideas. Meanwhile, singer-songwriter Coco Skyler learned how to operate an eight-track recording system, programming drums and taught herself bass, guitar and piano to accompany her songs from age 11.

There’s a gritty, driving bass to ‘Money’ matched against a rich foundation of electronics and chiptune aesthetics. It’s an immediate belter of a tune that’s topped off with some polished production and deserves to be a cross-genre smash.

‘Money’ is out now on Paintedblack.



Jon Lloyd and Jessica English formed the multi-instrumental outfit Living Dead Girl in 2014 with a view to crafting accessible electropop with a dark twist. Lloyd developed his musical chops through industrial outfit Ventenner, while English is classically trained as a singer and on piano.

With new release ‘Still Life’, the pair pull together a layered composition that weaves in trip-hop elements with lush instrumentation (and a bit of a nod to John Carpenter for good measure). There’s a sensual quality to the whole affair, which takes on a different aspect in the narrative of the video. Here, a whimsical tale of dealing with loss is marked by some striking visuals.

‘Still Life’ is out now.


OSHH – All Mistakes

Hailing from Anglesey, Osian Howells produces his own flavour of lush, smooth synthpop. ‘All Mistakes’, taken from his forthcoming debut album, has washes of warm synth sounds topped with Howells’ icy vocals. If you’re familiar with the likes of Sailor & I and The Sound Of Arrows, then OSHH’s dreampop touches will find a sense of resonance.

The album itself features tunes crafted from the same lush ingredients, including some fine pop moments (such as the melodic drive of ‘You Were Wrong And You Were Right’).

OSHH is released 6th October on Blinc Records.


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