LEGPUPPY – Meds and Beer

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There’s no need to fear… Electronic anarchists LegPuppy have plenty to say on themes such as narcissism, social media addiction, paranoia and identity theft. Their album You Should Be Paranoid tackled such diverse topics (and more besides) earlier in the … Read More


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Experimental electronic curios… Perhaps one of the most compelling mysteries of the current electronic music scene is the resurgence of interest in the humble cassette. For those of a certain age, it likely conjures memories of rewinding cassettes with the … Read More

FIAT LUX – It’s You

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The return of Fiat Lux Although the 1980s is widely regarded as the classic era of synthpop acts, it’s also a period in which many post-punk bands explored an eclectic approach to instrumentation and arrangement. Synths were seen as an … Read More

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