Veering towards a more pop-orientated list this week from the subtle dreampop of SHAEFRI, the synth-pop-tinged pop of VICTORIA CELESTINE & the crunchy electronics of DJUSTIN

Shaefri – Monster

Based in London, electronic musician Shaefri has a mesmerising voice which floats over an evocative layer of gentle melodies on new single ‘Monster’. “I wrote ‘Monster’ at a time when I was in a bit of a dark place” suggests Shaefri, “and I found it to be a useful way of helping me accept that I had this ‘creature’ within me, that likes to self-destruct, but to try to resist it whilst learning to live alongside it – we all have our demons, but they help to make us who we are.”

Filmed in Cornwall, the video for ‘Monster’ shows Shaefri chased by four different painted masks representing aggression, weakness, fear and manipulation. Her minimalistic style has a subtle power and this beguiling slice of dreampop is likely to win over new fans.

‘Monster’ is out now, taken from the forthcoming EP Cracks. Shaefri will be launching the EP at a live show at Notting Hill Arts Club on 6th April.


Victoria Celestine – Carrying On

There’s a bright and joyful flavour to this tune from Texas-based musician Victoria Celestine. ‘Carrying On’ also has a bit of a Chvrches feel at work here, which is never a bad thing when so many artists are aiming at a darker, sombre take on electronic music.

Although she spent her formative years learning piano and singing, it wasn’t until 2010 that Celestine embarked on her singer/songwriter career. While her music is definitely aimed at the world of pop, it’s also shored up with some good electronic foundations.

‘Carrying On’ will be available via digital on 21st April via A Badge Of Friendship.


Djustin – Dancing

There’s a nice, crunchy feel to this number which comes courtesy of electronic duo Djustin. Formed of Johan Angergård and Rose Suau, the pair originate from Stockholm and Detroit respectively.

Djustin describe themselves as “a starry-eyed narrative set to driving beats, crystalline synths, and alluring vocals”, which is pretty much what ‘Dancing’ is all about. Their debut album Voyagers, from which this track is culled, arrives on 5th May.

‘Dancing’ is out now via Labrador Records.