OOBERFUSE – Call My Name

Bittersweet breezy pop

Following a busy period of live performances, the east-meets-west electronic duo of Ooberfuse have returned with the release of a new single titled ‘Call My Name’.

Hal St John and Cherrie Anderson first popped up on our radar back in 2017 via the ethereal pop of ‘On Your Knees’. It served as a demonstration that the pair could craft emotional pop with a bittersweet edge, of which ‘Call My Name’ is another shining example.

The release of the new song comes after a busy period of activity for the duo. They linked up with the annual Synthetic City festival in London back in March, where they shared the stage with the likes of Twist Helix, Heliophile and The Rude Awakening (see our review previously).

Along with a string of other more recent gigs, Ooberfuse also staged a special launch event at at Hoxton’s Underbelly for their new single (where they were supported by the equally impressive MENOWTHERETHEN).

‘Call My Name’ builds layers of electronics whose driving rhythms are contrasted with Cherrie Anderson’s wistful vocals, some of which have a surprising emotional punch (“Take me, unbreak me/Never forsake me”). A repeating piano motif is also folded into a composition that also boasts some weighty percussion.

The release of ‘Call My Name’ also offers up an interesting approach to packaging music. Aside from the download release, the group have also crafted physical releases in a USB format. This allows them to not only include a raft of remixes of the song, but also to load out the USB with photos, videos and lyrics.

Of the remixes that are included with the release, Hal St John’s own mix offers a stripped-down approach that utilises more guitar elements. Meanwhile, the likes of the Patrik Kambo mix ramps up the electronic elements giving it more of a dancepop quality.

That approach is also explored on the thumping workover of the Noise mix, which completely rebuilds the song with a club-heavy vibe. Here, Cherrie’s vocal delivery is given a sultry, electronic sheen which has a mesmerising appeal. Similarly, the Push The Frequency Festival Version travels the same road, although here it opts for a stylish lounge quality.

The video for ‘Call My Name’ was shot on location in the Philippines – and clocked up a staggering 20,000 views on YouTube within two weeks. The travelogue approach for the video gives the song a dazzling series of images, while also spotlighting Ooberfuse’s performances outside of the UK.

Seeing Ooberfuse back in action also serves as a reminder of the broad church that electronic music can cover. Their combination of different styles and ideas offers up a unique style that’s a delight for the ears. Certainly ‘Call My Name’ has an elegant electronic appeal that invites further exploration.

‘Call my Name’ is out now on Fretsore Records.