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HANNAH PEEL Awake But Always Dreaming

A haunting reverie on memory and loss… Hannah Peel’s particular musical trajectory has traveled an interesting path over the years which has led the musician and composer to cover a diverse amount of roles, projects and collaborations. For most people, … Read More

TOPANGA Midnight Jungle

Euphoric pop outfit welcomes you to the jungle… The sun-baked streets of Los Angeles seems an unlikely place for an indie synthpop group to emerge from, but the pop power of TOPANGA offer up an appeal that’s difficult to ignore. … Read More

SAILOR & I The Invention Of Loneliness

SAILOR & I’s debut album bounces between icy pop and beats-driven electronica… The brooding, glacial pop appeal of Swedish artist Alexander Sjödin, under the guise of Sailor & I, previously caught our attention with the arrival of tracks such as … Read More

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