KON KAN Move To Move

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Back in 1989, Canada’s KON KAN released ‘I Beg Your Pardon’, which went on to become a massive worldwide hit single. It cleverly fused a popular country record with a contemporary dance track, and can perhaps be regarded as something of an embryonic mash-up – this was of course a few years before THE KLF’s slightly eccentric collaboration ‘Justified And Ancient’ with country star Tammy Wynette hit the UK charts.

Still sounding fresh and relevant today, somewhat cruelly, this landmark record would be Kon Kan’s only hit single in the UK, and many people won’t be aware of a rich back catalogue that spawned 3 albums. In this article from our Lost Albums series, writer Barry Page explores Kon Kan’s Move To Move album and how the outfits success fared in the aftermath of their hit single. Lost Albums : Kon Kan Move To Move