Johnny Normal in conversation with GARY NUMAN

Ahead of the forthcoming release of Gary Numan’s new album Savage: Songs From A Broken World, the Johnny Normal Radio Show will be hosting an interview with the synthpop pioneer this Wednesday.

Savage: Songs From A Broken World is the 21st studio album by Gary Numan, funded by a PledgeMusic Campaign and scheduled for release this September. The hard-edged ‘My Name Is Ruin’ was recently unveiled ahead of the album, complete with a video that depicted a bleak wasteland that illustrated some of the ideas and concepts that influenced the new material.

Johnny Normal managed to speak to the veteran musician backstage at the recent Leamington Assembly show to discuss Gary’s career, his family, the new Savage album and the current tour.

Johnny will also be playing some favourite Numan tracks on the show.

Don’t miss this special Johnny Normal Radio Show on Wednesday evening 2nd August 2017 from 8pm-10.30pm GMT (2100hrs CET). Listen at and click on the media player or on mobiles and laptops via TuneIn App at

Savage: Songs From A Broken World is due out on September 15th 2017.
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OMD’s Unreleased Material album set for release

There’s some good news and bad news for fans of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. Sources have revealed that their new album The Punishment Of Luxury has now been delayed until Spring 2018, due to touring commitments.

The good news is that the band will finally release their much-delayed album of unreleased material, and are hopeful that this stop-gap release (set for September 2017) will appease fans disappointed with the delay of their 13th studio album.

The release has been a talking point amongst fans since the turn of the millennium. Andy McCluskey told Record Collector in 2001: “I’ve a terribly strong suspicion that someone has nicked the tapes that I’ve put aside for it. They’ve gone missing somewhere in my studio, but it is a shambles! I’m hoping they’ll turn up – there’s plenty of material there that hasn’t been released.”

Whilst the masters were eventually located, the release was put on hold following OMD’s reunion in 2005. McCluskey would go on to use some of this unreleased material on 2010’s comeback album History Of Modern (see ‘Sister Marie Says’, ‘Green’ and ‘The Future, The Past And Forever After’).

The BBC have finally sanctioned an official release for McCluskey’s excellent theme for the For The Greater Good drama. Elsewhere there are a number of demos from 1987, when the band were recording new material for possible inclusion on the 1988’s Best Of OMD compilation (originally titled Messages).

Fans will also be pleased to see the appearance of the much-fabled ‘Square Dance’, an abandoned musical sketch dating to the Dazzle Ships sessions.

Exclusive to this release is a new 15-minute remix of ‘Pulse’ and a brand new recording of ‘Walk Away’ (originally recorded for Arthur Baker’s 1989 Merge album) which Paul Humphreys has stripped of its original Culture Club-like bass line.

The Electricity Club are pleased to reveal the track listing for this fascinating 2-CD compilation, titled Sanctus – Unreleased Material 1980-1996.

CD1 1980-1988

01) Telstar (Demo)
02) Enola Gay (Unreleased Mix)
03) Square Dance (Dazzle Ships outtake)
04) Sampling The Blast Furnace (by The Partnership)
05) Southern (1985 version)
06) Heaven Is (1986 Version)
07) Stay (1986 Remix / Unreleased Single)
08) Cut Me Down (The Pacific Age outtake)
09) Cajun Moon (The Pacific Age outtake)
10) Suspicion (1987 Demo)
11) Everyday (1987 Demo)
12) If You’re Still In Love With Me (1987 Demo)
13) Never Let You Go (1987 Demo)
14) Wild Strawberries (1988 Demo by Paul Humphreys)

Bonus track:
15) Walk Away (New Version)

CD2 1990-1996

01) For The Greater Good (BBC Theme)
02) Coming To See You (early version of Walk Tall, 1990)
03) Self-Destruct (1990 Demo)
04) Resist The Sex Act (Sugar Tax outtake)
05) You’re Always Coming Back To Me (Sugar Tax outtake)
06) Sanctus (1992 Demo)
07) Next To You (1992 Demo)
08) Cruel (1992 Demo)
09) Liberator (Liberator outtake)
10) Kiss Of Death (Liberator outtake)
11) Twins (Liberator outake)
12) If You’re Still In Love With Me (1993 Version / Unreleased Single)
13) Sister Marie Gabriel (Universal outtake)
14) Jerusalem (Universal outtake)

Bonus Track:
15) Pulse (Hyper Hyper Super Super Whoopee Doo Remix)

So this article was purely for fun (check the date!) and OMD’s album The Punishment Of Luxury is still scheduled for release this September. You can read more on the album via our sister site Messages: The Punishment Of Luxury.
OMD pic by Ed Fielding.

TEC Events Calendar

With 2017 gearing up to be a busy year for electronic music, we’ve added on an events calendar to the TEC website.

The calendar offers a select guide to some of the forthcoming performances from bands that the Electricity Club has championed, as well as links to other events which we feel might be of interest to TEC readers. This includes Festival appearances as well as album tours and other notable performances. The calendar will be updated as new events become available, so remember to pop back on a regular basis!

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OMD’s New Studio Album Details

OMD’s 2013 album English Electric was hailed as a successful outing for the classic synthpop outfit.

However, there were concerns that the band might be in danger of calling it a day following its release.

In an interview back in 2013, Paul Humphreys remarked on the dilemma that he and Andy McCluskey faced: “We said to each other ‘I don’t think we can do this again’”. At last year’s Electri_City book talk in Liverpool, Andy remarked that after writing songs for nearly 40 years it was becoming difficult to find something new to write about.

At the same time, there were other issues facing the band in the wake of the post-reformation release History Of Modern. Andy had previously made it very clear that the reformation of OMD wouldn’t simply consist of nostalgia performances and that unless there was some artistic engine prompting the band to move forward, there would be little point in continuing. “…Paul and I sat down and said “OK, we don’t want to be a nostalgic heritage act. Nor, however, is it sufficient for us to just write a nice collection of songs in the style of OMD.”

In fact much of the ‘engine’ that drove the production of English Electric was a desire to explore what the future sounded like. But having now explored that idea, the question of whether or not the band should or indeed could continue was a valid one.

Luckily, ideas and sketches for a potential followup soon began to emerge. Although much of those details were sparse, a picture has begun to form about what OMD’s new album – now titled The Punishment Of Luxury – would be like.

In a special feature, our sister site Messages explores The Punishment Of Luxury. [Messages]


HOWARD JONES is one of the more well-known electronic artists to emerge out of the classic synthpop era. The catchy upbeat single ‘New Song’ guaranteed Howard plenty of radio airplay and this success was mirrored in his first two albums Human’s Lib and Dream Into Action.

Back in 2010, Howard had released a new album (Ordinary Heroes) and was set to embark on a new tour playing both Human’s Lib and Dream Into Action in their entirety (which TEC reviewed here). Lori Tarchala caught up with Howard at the time for this fascinating window on the electronic artist’s world. An Interview With Howard Jones

KON KAN Move To Move

Back in 1989, Canada’s KON KAN released ‘I Beg Your Pardon’, which went on to become a massive worldwide hit single. It cleverly fused a popular country record with a contemporary dance track, and can perhaps be regarded as something of an embryonic mash-up – this was of course a few years before THE KLF’s slightly eccentric collaboration ‘Justified And Ancient’ with country star Tammy Wynette hit the UK charts.

Still sounding fresh and relevant today, somewhat cruelly, this landmark record would be Kon Kan’s only hit single in the UK, and many people won’t be aware of a rich back catalogue that spawned 3 albums. In this article from our Lost Albums series, writer Barry Page explores Kon Kan’s Move To Move album and how the outfits success fared in the aftermath of their hit single. Lost Albums : Kon Kan Move To Move