“I don’t like country & western, I don’t like rock music…. I don’t like rockabilly! I don’t like much really do I? But what I do like, I love passionately!!” CHRIS LOWE

The Electricity Club was originally formed in 2008 in a bid to be part of the emerging electropop scene. Several meetings followed to discuss how best to become involved in this vibrant scene which later led to the launch of the Electricity Club website in 2010.

The aim was to feature the best in new and classic electro AND pop. With informed opinion and trivia, the Electricity Club was designed for like-minded people who are excited about pop music and not afraid to try something new.

Or, as Bill Drummond once remarked:
“If you want to do something.. Really want to do something… Don’t wait to be asked! Don’t seek permission! Don’t put off until you’ve passed the right exams, or paid or saved up enough money! But be prepared to risk complete failure. Don’t give a shit about whatever your mates or girlfriend or your boyfriend says.

Whatever it is, start now, TODAY.

Tomorrow is always too late.”


Paul spent his formative years indulging in fanzine culture before branching out to graphic and web design in later years via his Arc23 outlet. Responsible for the creation of the Official OMD Website, Paul also spent over 10 years administrating the site as well as providing sleeve notes for many of the OMD reissues along with several sleeve and graphic design contributions.

In more recent years, Paul has embraced the emerging Japanese popular music scene – with a preference for those artists who play Pop with a capital “P”. His J-Pop Go site provides articles and interviews on the J-Pop scene. Paul also provides DJ duties for many Japanese music events.

Paul also runs pop culture blog Wavegirl and continues to write about OMD on the Messages website.


It was in the mid-1980s that Barry fell in love with music. Smash Hits magazine was his bible, while Top Of The Pops and the Now That’s What I Call Music series provided the soundtrack.

He has attended hundreds of gigs over the years; including a-ha, Karl Bartos, China Crisis, Depeche Mode, De/Vision, Duran Duran, Erasure, Howard Jones, The Human League, Gary Numan, OMD and Sparks.

As well as contributing to TEC’s sister sites Wavegirl and Messages, Barry has also written for Record Collector and edited a magazine for a local charity.

His first single, album and CD purchases were, respectively, Queen’s Radio Gaga, Howard Jones’ The 12″ Album and Kon Kan’s Move to Move.


Jer White (@afront) is a long-term synthpop fan whose website The Pansentient League even gets its name from the same sci-fi game as The Human League. His work has been published in Rolling Stone magazine and his site has been featured in The Guardian, Wired magazine and Mashable. His devotion to The Human League is recalled in Rob Grillo’s recent book Is That The Twelve Inch Mix?

The album that changed his life was Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygene which eventually led to musical journey that also included Kraftwerk, OMD and Associates. In an era where methods of listening to music are varied, Jer has been a strong advocate of the music streaming service Spotify.


Jane Davies is a Liverpool-based writer with a strong interest in the grass roots music scene.

Her musical interests cover a very broad base, from indie rock through to electropop. A contributor to our sister site Messages, Jane also writes for a range of outlets, including Little Indie and Getintothis.


Amy is a part-time J-Pop fan with a particular interest in the likes of Perfume and Arashi. She has cosmopolitan tastes and her favourite electro artists are Lady Gaga, Princess Chelsea and Marsheaux.

She likes to spend summers in France and has a keen interest in art. When she’s not listening to tunes, she’s helping and assisting with the administration of The Electricity Club and its sister sites.


Robert is a well known figure within the Marsheaux, Erasure and OMD fan communities. His first electronic pop singles were Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” and Jean Michel Jarre’s ‘Oxygene Part IV’. He is also lucky (and old) enough to be able to say that Abba at Wembley Arena in 1979 was his first ever concert experience.

Despite loving the dark brooding overtones of OMD’s Organisation album, he is also a keen Madonna and Kylie Minogue enthusiast.


Lori is TEC’s Stateside correspondent and was introduced to synthesized pop music via a compilation of British bands called “The Beat” which she totally fell in love with. As a result, she discovered OMD and Depeche Mode. She loves what the Americans call ‘new wave’ so her first album was Adam & The Ants Friend or Foe.

She frequently visits the UK for live shows, recently taking in Gary Numan, Little Boots, Ultravox and of course, OMD. Lori has also written for the Messages website.


Richard first started taking live photos during The Human League’s concerts in the noughties and his work has featured on some of their official merchandise.

More recently his successes have included his portfolio being used in the History Of Modern tour programme and also on the OMD and Little Boots websites. His first album was also Gary Numan’s The Pleasure Principle while his live initiation was Ultravox at Hammersmith Odeon in 1981 where he bought a ticket off a tout for the then extortionate sum of £7!!


Flip Martian is a long time fan of music made with synths – going back to hearing his Uncle’s copy of Oxygene and a friend’s copy of Kraftwerk’s Die Mensch-Maschine. He’s been an active musician for many years and has been putting his broad music tastes and technical skills to good use as a DJ working for www.radio-happy.com on his Monday night ‘Selection Box’ shows and re-engineering gig recordings for broadcasting on his ‘Live and Loud!’ Tuesday shows featuring classic live performances from the likes of Depeche Mode, Erasure, Blancmange, Duran Duran, Ultravox and OMD.

His first live music experience was Gary Numan in 1980. When not working on his radio shows, he writes his own music, found time to act as editor for the ‘Remembering Eden – 30th Anniversary’ Tour Book and does freelance proofreading when time allows.