Hyperbubble Music To Colour by

HYPERBUBBLE have always been like a living / breathing pop art concept so their unique music and coloring book artefact for some workshops at The San Antonio Museum of Art was not entirely a surprise.

The quirky husband and wife duo of Jeff and Jess DeCuir have composed a ten track instrumental soundtrack which can accompany the therapeutic shading of a 16 page 8.5 x 11 inch coloring book featuring art by HYPERBUBBLE, or act as an entity of its own. More inside>>

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ladyhawke-wild-things-LPThe music industry can be a fickle mistress, one moment you’re flavour of the month, a few wrong steps later and before you know it you’re on a one-way elevator trip to Obscurityville.

Pip Brown AKA LADYHAWKE is undoubtedly acutely aware of this. Back in 2009 her slow burning self-titled debut album was immensely successful. LADYHAWKE returns with ‘Wild Things’ and guess what? Lessons have been learnt and the synths and electronics are back… More inside>>

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JOHN GRANT + WRANGLER Live at the Royal Albert Hall

John-Grant-Royal-Albert-Hall-thumbAlthough maybe not an obvious choice, WRANGLER were chosen as an opening act because it’s well known that JOHN GRANT is a huge CABARET VOLTAIRE fan.

JOHN GRANT came on stage to the spoken word ‘Intro’ (based upon an excerpt from the ‘First Epistle of Saint Paul to the Corinthians’) and opened with ‘Geraldine’. The downtempo vibe and live vocodered vocals of the track combined with low key lighting helped set the tone of the show to follow. More inside>>

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VINCE-CLARKE-PAUL-HARTNOLL-2-SquareWhen you have a collaborative project which sees the merging of two of the founding fathers of British Electronica and Synthpop, there is always going to be a huge weight of expectation attached to it.

With that opening statement in mind, it is with trepidation that this album should be approached, will it live up to the legend that both Clarke and Hartnoll have created? More inside>>

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TEC-101-sepiaSince March 2010, The Electricity Club has written about the best in classic and new electronic pop. Over that time, streaming media such as Spotify  has developed to become a first point of call for music.

A new ‘Playlist’ button has been added to the main site menu and the corresponding page features a selection of themed Spotify playlists. So for best results, please click shuffle and bingo, there’s your own radio show with no DJs. More inside>>

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Marsheaux-Ath.Lon_Cover1500A fair few years have passed since Marsheaux debuted with ‘Popcorn’ in their native Greece. 2004 heralded their first album, ‘E-Bay Queen’ on Undo Records.

2015 brought their most daring project yet, a cover of the entire of ‘A Broken Frame’ by DEPECHE MODE. The pair managed to grasp the soul of the most unloved DM album and transform it into a new dimension of unconventional sounds and vocals. And now comes ‘Ath.Lon’. More inside>>

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