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A look at some of autumn’s forthcoming electronic music releases… 2017 has already shaped up to be a good year for record releases with a combination of classic artists and contemporary bands putting... Read More

LEGPUPPY – Selfie Stick

Electro punk outfit explore selfie culture… When LegPuppy took to the stage at the Electro Punk Party in August we weren’t quite sure what to expect. The 4-piece outfit, which consists of Darren... Read More


Global electronic acts descend on London for this packed synthpop extravaganza… Among the many electronic music events of the year, the Synthetic City Electronic Music Festival was certainly one of the more ambitious... Read More

AIVIS – Constellate

Subtle electropop from the globally-spanning duo… When the talents of electronic duo AIVIS first appeared on our radar, it was a refreshing change of style that offered a captivating sound culled from a... Read More

LIFELINES: The Side Projects Of a-ha

“My potential as a solo performer, commercially speaking, isn’t any smaller than a-ha’s. But at the same time it should be said that a-ha could have been much bigger than we’ve actually been.... Read More

BLANCMANGE – The Blanc Tapes

We’ve just been shopping… Electronic outfit Blancmange emerged during a particularly energetic period in the UK’s classic synthpop scene. Originally formed in 1979 as a 3-piece outfit, Blancmange regrouped with Neil Arthur and... Read More