A Beginner’s Guide To CLAUDIA BRÜCKEN

act_claudiaWith her distinctive ice maiden delivery, CLAUDIA BRÜCKEN is the undoubted queen of cinematic avant pop. She first came to prominence with PROPAGANDA and the Trevor Horn produced film noir drama of ‘Dr Mabuse’.

Although her catalogue is wide and varied, she is perhaps still very much regarded as a cult figure on the music scene. The Electricity Club offers a twenty track Beginner’s Guide to her work… More inside>>

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SARAH P. Golden Deer

Sarah-P-Golden-Deer-StillGreek songstress SARAH P. recently said that her debut release ‘Free’ was a love letter to her inner psyche. Varied and enticing, ‘Free’ is a vivid commentary on relationships and politics, combining pop and leftfield aspirations in a similar vein to SANTIGOLD or GOLDFRAPP.

This enthused spirit is reflected in the visual presentation of ‘Golden Deer’ which comprises of not one, but three music videos directed by visual artists Schall & Schnabel. More inside>>

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SILENT WAVEGothenburg combo SILENT WAVE played their first UK gig in March as part of ‘The Swedes Are Coming’ showcase at The Lexington in London. It was an unusual performance as singer Tildeh Hjelm was absent due to illness, but the remaining pair of Hans Olsson Brookes and Martin Öhman soldiered on.

And thanks to the wonders of modern technology, there was a virtual vocal presence and the undoubted highlight of SILENT WAVE’s set was ‘War’. More inside>>

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Fanfare For The Common Man – The Legacy of EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER

EMERSON LAKE & PALMERIn the wider context of the development of electronic music, the place of Keith Emerson is an interesting one.

His influence on keyboard players the world over is undeniable, but it could also be argued that by being too accomplished a musician, he helped spark the catalyst that eventually spawned punk, which in itself gave birth to the first wave of commercial synthesizer-based artists. More inside>>

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SPRAY It’s The Night Of The Long Knives, Charlie Brown

SPRAY It's The Night Of The Long Knives, Charlie BrownFrom their recently released album ‘Enforced Fun’, the new SPRAY single reflects on the current political climate.

“We’re rarely this obtuse in songs – we prefer to state clearly a thing that is happening, make fun of it, then repeat to fade” said Ricardo Autobahn, “But we’ve long since been irritated by the childishness and low-brow infantilisation of politics, and that irritation became ‘It’s The Night Of The Long Knives, Charlie Brown’”. More inside>>

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MARSHEAUX_U5A3528Building further on their profile following ‘A Broken Frame’, Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou made their full return with ‘Ath.Lon’ in June. The duo will also make their first UK live appearance since 2012 on SATURDAY 5TH NOVEMBER at Norwich Epic Studios, when they play TEC004.

MARSHEAUX kindly chatted to The Electricity Club about ‘Ath.Lon’ and the challenges it presented from being a product of two quite different cities… More inside>>

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