jean-michel-jarre-oxygene-3When ‘Oxygène’ was released on 2nd December 1976, its hearty combination of pop melodies, technological experimentation and classical structures became a landmark in electronic music.

Releasing his third album in the space of 14 months, ‘Oxygène 3’ is an addition to a tradition that now expands the series into a trilogy. Jarre’s aim was “keeping the dogma of embarking listeners on a journey from beginning to end with different chapters, all linked to each other”. More inside>>

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disqo-volanteDISQO VOLANTE is Korean-American multi-instrumentalist Matthew Booth, a sax virtuoso with a penchant for synthpop. Originally from Seoul but now based in Carrboro, North Carolina, the hybrid of his musical and cultural heritage has produced a familiar yet unusual sound with a modern aesthetic.

Inspired by his return to South East Asia since leaving as a child following his adoption, the single ‘Pretend For A Day’ successfully pulls off a jazz / synthpop integration. More inside>>

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synth-wave-vs-tecThe Electricity Club’s Chi Ming Lai was the special guest on a recent edition of ‘The Synth Wave Show’ hosted by Rob Green. Also the main man behind synth combo THE DEPARTMENT, Rob Green’s show broadcasts fortnightly Wednesdays on Artefaktor Radio.

With lots of great new and classic electronic music of both synthpop and synthwave variants, among the topics of conversation was the upcoming 2CD compilation due out on Undo Records. More inside>>

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HANNAH PEEL Live at St Leonard’s Church

hannah-peel-shoreditch-church-01HANNAH PEEL launched her acclaimed second album ‘Awake But Always Dreaming’ with an emotional live presentation in the heart of London.

Only a stone’s throw from her basement studio where most of the album was recorded, St Leonard’s Church in Shoreditch was the setting for an event to raise awareness of the effects of memory loss and dementia. It is said that one-in-three people will develop dementia. More inside>>

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battle-tapes-solidgoldLos Angeles’ BATTLE TAPES, who last year released their debut album ‘Polygon’, a sleek fusion of electronics and rock have just promo-ed a video for the album track ‘Solid Gold’.

Featuring the vocals of PARTY NAILS’ Elana Belle Carroll, the track itself hinges around a Bowie-esque ‘Fame’-inspired guitar lick with fizzing synths and a blinding middle eight which showcases some quite outstanding songwriting. More inside>>

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A Short Conversation with TONY HADLEY

tony-hadley-from-spandau-balletTony Hadley is best known the lead singer of SPANDAU BALLET. Hadley has gone full circle and returns to his days at The Blitz Club by contributing vocals to ‘Lonely Highway’, a track on Rusty Egan’s debut solo album ‘Welcome To The Dancefloor’.

Co-written by Chris Payne who also co-wrote VISAGE’s ‘Fade to Grey’, ‘Lonely Highway’ is possibly Hadley’s most overtly synthpop outing since ‘To Cut A Long Story Short’ back in 1980. Tony Hadley kindly chatted to TEC about this new collaboration. More inside>>

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