How can you get rid of a few extra pounds in 2-3 days to zip up a zipper on a chic dress and go to an important event? There are a lot of ways, but not all are solved by rigid diets like buckwheat or kefir, because it is almost impossible to sustain them. After all, there is a much simpler (as everyone seems) technique: I drank a few days diuretic – ran to the toilet – and the volumes were slightly asleep, and the figure on the scales is not so terrible, and the swelling under the eyes are gone. Beauty!

More often than other preparations Furosemide which is perceived in such situation by the present rescue is used. Unfortunately, only for the time being – until its side effects begin to appear.

Furosemide – very cheap and at the same time a powerful diuretic, diuretic. A medicinal preparation, which for a mere penny can be purchased at absolutely any pharmacy. Produced in the form of conventional tablets.

The main indication for its use is getting rid of edema by removing excess fluid from the body. However, many young ladies use Furosemide for fast and effective weight loss. Is it justified?

Getting into the body, Furosemide actively removes liquid from the tissues. With it, all kinds of substances are washed out, which are stored in cages. And leaving their “homes” are not only such harmful substances as slags, toxins and radionuclides, but also useful things like vitamins and minerals. Naturally, all this eventually leads not only to getting rid of edema, but also to weight loss.

According to the instructions, the drug copes with its pharmacological task in the amount of 1 tablet. But in fact, losing weight can not stop in time. And now for the third day in a row the body loses not only weight, but also important components for its functioning.

Restore the body after losing weight with Furosemide is difficult. The work of the kidneys is broken: they stop taking the fluids without a diuretic. So this drug causes a real addiction. Accustomed to this method of getting rid of edemas and extra pounds, it is extremely difficult to abandon it, because everything else will seem to be already non-functional and ineffective.

Yes, Furosemide helps to lose weight in the shortest possible time. It begins to work within half an hour after consumption. The peak comes in 1-2 hours. The diuretic effect lasts up to 4 hours. Completely excreted from the body in 24 hours. The main thing is to stop in time and not abuse this drug.

Even a single pill of this diuretic significantly reduces the rhythm of the work of many body systems. But for losing weight very often used much higher dosages. As a result, 3-4 days of such active weight loss then have to be treated completely from other diseases, which are more dangerous than obesity. And if the marathon lasted a week, in 90% of cases the slimming ones find themselves on a hospital bed with diagnoses depletion and dehydration.

Along with this, experts advise together with Furosemide to take Asparkam tablets. It is a preparation of potassium and magnesium – those minerals that are actively washed out of the body by a diuretic. Two drugs work as communicating vessels: one removes useful substances, the other restores them. The main goal is to normalize metabolism.