UNKNOWN TREASURES : 45 Lost Songs of the Download Era

Here are 45 songs which may have escaped your attention during the synthesizer renaissance of the previous decade. Most are by artists who have not gained mainstream recognition but several are by established artists and tucked away as B-sides, semi-obscure remixes or tracks from albums that sold modestly. With music being the subjective artform that it is, this won’t be a satisfactory list to all. But hopefully it will provide points of interest and discussion. All listed in alphabetical order by year…

BROADCAST Come On Let’s Go (2000)

The late Trish Keenan’s ice maiden cool was instrumental to BROADCAST’s appeal and with their experimental electronica, they won many fans among the cognoscenti. ‘Come On Let’s Go’ was their most accessible offering with its spy drama feel, vintage organic textures and Keenan’s sweet nonchalant vocal tones. Futuristic yet with a Cold War chill, this pushed all the tender buttons. The band were a favourite of Matt Groening, creator of ‘The Simpsons’. Trish Keenan is sadly missed although it is understood that a new BROADCAST album featuring vocals recorded before her passing is scheduled for release.

Available on the CD ‘The Noise Made By People’ via Warp Records


QUEEN OF JAPAN I Was Made For Loving You (2000)

QUEEN OF JAPAN were a colourful European trio consisting of singer Koneko alongside eccentric producers Jo Ashito and Jason Arigato. Specialising in dance covers of an incongruous origin like JOHN LENNON and QUEEN, their fun electronic sound took on a distinct sinister turn with this brilliant synthesized interpretation of rock legends KISS’ neo-discofied 1977 anthem. The track gained prominence after being included as part of 2 MANY DJ’s ‘As Heard On Radio Soulwax Part 2’ DJ set in 2003.

Available on the CD ‘Headrush’ via Echohammer Records


MARC ALMOND Glorious (2001)

Despite the SOFT CELL reunion, the best song Mr Almond produced in the noughties was this appropriately titled electronic torch ballad which combined his unique vocal histrionics with a big production not heard since his work with Trevor Horn in 1991. Since his dreadful motorbike accident in 2004, he’s found it difficult to write songs and needs a teleprompter to perform live. After worries there was to be no more original material from this tainted soul, his recent album ‘Variete’ has been greatly welcomed.

Available on the CD ‘Stranger Things’ via Cherry Red Records


THE FAINT Agenda Suicide – Adult Remix (2001)

Led by Todd Fink, THE FAINT sounded like BLUR mixed with WIRE but backed by squelchy synths alongside conventional instrumentation. Taking their lead from early ULTRAVOX and GARY NUMAN, they quietly carved out a niche for a rockier electro sound. This remix by electro experimentalists ADULT gave ‘Agenda Suicide’ a precise machine driven edge and added to the sinister diabolis in musica.

Available on the limited edition 2CD set ‘Danse Macabre’ via Saddle Creek



Describing the relationship between artist and fan, this was a throbbing Moroder-inspired cacophony with THE HACKER’s dirty clanking 808 rhythms used to great effect. The swimmy ARP synths drowned any sorrows as the pulsing euphoria took hold. MISS KITTIN didn’t sing as much as speak but her sexy Swiss charm carried off this superb Electroclash signature.

Available on the CD ‘Miss Kittin & The Hacker’ via International DeeJay Gigolo Records


DOT ALLISON Substance (2002)

Following her pop flavoured debut album ‘Afterglow’ in 1999, the former ONE DOVE vocalist experimented with some lo-fi electro sounds alongside some more folky acoustic excursions on her album ‘We Are Science’. Playing squelch games over stuttering percussive loops, Allison’s enigmatic breathy vocal style almost acts as another instrument in a mildly hallucinogenic dance fashion.

Available on the CD ‘We Are Science’ via Mantra Recordings


THE DEVILS Big Store (2002)

Before Nick Rhodes got involved in the full DURAN DURAN reunion, he and fellow founder member Stephen TIN TIN Duffy dusted off a few of the pre-Le Bon demos. The results show how avant pop the original DURAN DURAN concept was with ‘Big Store’ sounding like a cross between GIORGIO MORODER and Berlin-era IGGY POP! With a camp cynical snarl of “I like going shopping … shopping in the big store”, how great this must have sounded at Barberella’s back in the day! And it’s much better than ARCADIA or THE POWER STATION!

Available on the CD ‘Dark Circles’ via Tape Modern Records


MACONDO Something’s Got To Happen Soon (2002)

An amusing slice of Essex electronic apathy from this duo who brightened up the synthetic sky with their album ‘Up There For Thinking, Down There For Dancing’. Released on Ninth Wave Records, this was a period when new UK synth acts could only get deals with indie labels in America. Although unlikely to have been massively successful, Wayne and Vicki’s sub-FRAZIER CHORUS melodic pop and witty social observations were sadly missed in the recent synthesizer revival.

Available on the CD ‘Up There For Thinking, Down There For Dancing’ via Ninth Wave Records


SIMPLE MINDS The Floating World (2002)

‘The Floating World’ was an instrumental that closed the rather dull ‘Cry’ album. Basically a thumping rave version of the ‘Dr Who Theme’, it was also nothing like the FM pomp rock of their fame years. Closer scrutiny revealed this track to be written by one Vincent Clarke and was more like an update of Da Minds’ early electronic experiments such as ’Theme For Great Cities’ and ‘Film Theme’. This unlikely collaboration was SIMPLE MINDS’ most interesting piece of work in nearly 15 years.

Available on the CD ‘Cry’ via Eagle Records


KARL BARTOS The Camera (2003)

With an opening elastic burst of Klingklang styled bassline, the Tonmeister of elektronischer schlagzeug made his return with the ‘Communication’ album. Following an ill-advised Johnny Marr-inspired acoustic excursion on his previous ‘Electric Music’ album, this opener was a brilliant updating of ‘The Robots’, complete with vocodered lead vocals and ‘Computer World’ synths. His solo live show which featured no less than ten of his KRAFTWERK co-writes was nothing short of brilliant.

Available on the CD ‘Communication’ via Home Records


BLACK BOX RECORDER These Are The Things (2003)

A modern day electro shopping list song in the manner of ‘The Things That Dreams Are Made Of’, this also had the feel of those great French disco songs like ‘Voyage Voyage’ plus elements of JEAN MICHEL JARRE. Of course, Sarah Nixey’s stern posh girl vocal made sure this had a distinctly British EU veto. She later actually went all gallic with a sexy solo cover of ‘Le Temps De L’Amour’ in 2008.

Available on the CD ‘Passionoia’ via Little Indian Records


BLANK & JONES featuring CLAUDIA BRÜCKEN Unknown Treasure (2003)

The title is quite apt. In between the aborted PROPAGANDA reunion and ONETWO, CLAUDIA BRÜCKEN guested with the hip German dance duo on this most gorgeously shuffled electrobeat ballad. It is classic Claudia. complete with spoken verse and sexy ice maiden delivery in chorus. It is exactly what it says on the tin.

Available on the CD ‘The Singles’ via Kontor Records/Soundcolours GMBH



CAMOUFLAGE Me & You (2003)

Germany’s answer to DEPECHE MODE, best known for 1989’s ‘The Great Commandment’, returned with their orginal line-up in 2003 to this offer this magnificent dark paean to love. More directly melodic than the Basildon boys later material, Marcus Meyn’s vocals were a wonderful accented cross of both Messrs Gahan and Gore while the lead synth screamed out like vintage GARY NUMAN.

Available on the CD ‘Sensor’ via Polydor Records


MANNEQUIN Take Me To The Club (2003)

From the film ‘Party Monster’ starring Macaulay Culkin, Seth Green and Chlӧe Savigny which was effectively ‘Electroclash – The Movie’, ‘Take Me To The Club’ captured the tension and euphoria of nightlife. Electrofied slap bass and sinister sequences added some gothic grandeur to the aural hedonism. “I only feel right under bright lights… take me to the club” was the profound proclamation!

Available on the CD ‘Party Monster’ (V/A) via TVT Soundtrax

SYNTAX Pray (2003)

‘I Feel Love’ meets THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS on this duo’s amazing debut single, SYNTAX consisted of Jan Burton and ex-FLUKE member Mike Tournier. The 8 minute full length version possessed a pulsing hypnotic quality while spacey SCI-Fi synths and full-fat sequences recalled a bygone disco age but updating the template for a new century. Dark but immensely danceable!

Available on the CD ‘Meccano Mind’ via Illustrious/Sony Music


WHITE TOWN Whenever I Say Hello (2003)

WHITE TOWN aka Jyoti Mishra had a freak No1 hit with ‘Your Woman’ in 1997 but kept a low profile, carving out an independent musical career with little regard for public profile. Influenced by his heroes OMD and DEPECHE MODE, ‘Whenever I Say Hello’ first appeared on Ninth Wave’s ‘Electricity 2’ compilation and was the highlight of his album ‘Don’t Mention The War’, eventually released in 2006. A wonderful lonely paean to lost love, this does sound like ‘Things You Said’ reimagined for ‘A Broken Frame’. Mishra’s inconsistent output have made him the forgotten synth flag waver of the recent era.

Available on the CD ‘Don’t Mention The War’ via Bzangy Records


CLIENT Overdrive (2004)

The best track from the ‘City’ album featuring DEPECHE MODE’s Martin Gore on vocals. After finding out that he liked a demo he’d heard of the track through CLIENT’s mentor Andy Fletcher, singer Sarah Blackwood wrote a letter to ask Gore to contribute. Sarah described the moment in the studio when the two vocals were mixed together as “a bit spine tingling”!

Available on the CD ‘City’ via Toast Hawaii/Mute Records



DARREN HAYES I Like The Way (2004)

Sony Music were none too happy when the former SAVAGE GARDEN front man veered from his drippy ballads to go electro! ‘I Like The Way’ was the highlight from his album ‘The Tension & The Spark’, the title of which came from the chorus of this spiky piece of synthpop. Like ERASURE gone all aggressive if you can believe that, Hayes and Sony Music parted ways following this buzzy excursion.

Available on the CD ‘The Tension & The Spark’ via Sony Music


VIC TWENTY Text Msg (2004)

THE great lost act of the synthesizer revival has to be VIC TWENTY. Blowing away ERASURE while supporting them on their muted covers tour, Piney Gir and Adrian Morris showed promise with their cartoon-like girl/boy synthpop. One of the highlights in their live set was an ironic electronic reconstruction of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’. Released on Mute, ‘Text Msg’ was their only single as a duo, a quirky narrative of the modern generation who can only dump hapless lovers by mobile phone. Seek out their cover of LYNSEY DE PAUL’s ‘Sugar Me’ from the first Robopop compilation for another fine example of their lost potential.

Available on the CD single ‘Txt Message’ via Mute Records


BERLIN Down & Dirty (2005)

Now just consisting of founder member Terri Nunn, BERLIN always walked a fine line between AOR and New Romantic, sometimes sounding like ULTRAVOX fronted by HEART!! Here, the more Germanic sound of their earlier albums ‘Pleasure Victim’ and ‘Love Life’ dominated. The machine rhythm was almost metallically tingling as the fuzzy synth bass cut into your brain while Ms Nunn shouted various profanities at her former lover!

Available on the CD’ 4 Play’ via Majestic Records


DELAYS Valentine (2005)

Indie bands were starting to embrace synths in the mid-noughties and DELAYS almost went the full hog with this Trevor Horn assisted disco number. The pulsing sequences and syncopated rhythm section were just pure DURAN DURAN while Greg Gilbert’s raspy falsetto in the soaring chorus and choppy guitar ensured the band weren’t totally detached from their roots.

Available on the CD single ‘Valentine’ via Rough Trade Records


GOLDFRAPP Boys Will Be Boys (2005)

Ms Goldfrapp has probably been the most influential female music figure of the last ten years with the GOLDFRAPP sound borrowed by various pop princesses and even rock bands like MUSE! Opening doors everywhere, in the ultimate back-handed compliment, the press gave MADONNA the nickname ‘Oldfrapp’! This Weimar styled cover of THE ORDINARY BOYS mod stomper was marvellously Germanic with plenty of oompar radar!

Available on the US CD single ‘Ride A White Horse’ or as a download single via Mute Records


THE MODERN Jane Falls Down (2005)

This promising band took the best of New Romantic thrill, a tight Stephen Hague production and a revival in synthpop to construct a brilliant single that had a killer chorus and solid beats reinforced by a big reverberating bassline. Despite a support slot with HEAVEN 17, a chart scandal involving some over enthusiastic fans on their second single ‘Industry’ destroyed all momentum and the band retreated, re-emerging later as MATINEE CLUB before becoming THE MODERN again! Co-lead vocalist Nathan Cooper more recently reappeared as KID KASIO.

Available on the CD single ‘Jane Falls Down’ via Mercury Records and download album ‘Modern Industry’ via Planet Clique (as MATINEE CLUB)


LUKE HAINES Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop – Richard X Mix (2006)

An installation of danceable pop terrorism by THE AUTEURS and BLACK BOX RECORDER leader. Once referred to as the Adolf Hitler of Britpop by the music press, Haines’ memoir ‘Bad Vibes: Britpop & My Part In Its Downfall’ suggested that BLUR’s Damon Alban deserved to be nominated for that title far more! With a full fat octave driven electro mix by Richard X, this gleefully satirised the Shoreditch club scene with a bitter attack on its array of poseurs.

Available on the download single ‘Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop’ via Degenerate Music


PROTOCOL Where’s The Pleasure? (2006)

‘Where’s The Pleasure?’ based itself almost entirely on BLONDIE’s ‘Atomic’ but then so did BLUR’s ‘Girls & Boys’ and that never did Albarn and Co any harm! PROTOCOL had some Romo flair and showed promise with this rousing tune but despite radio play, Polydor pulled the plug on their excellent follow-up single ‘Love Is My Drug’ and the promising debut album ‘The Rules Of Engagement’ despite sending out promos to the press.

Available on the CD single ‘Where’s The Pleasure?’ via Polydor Records


STEFY Chelsea (2006)

This was an excellent ‘Sweet Dreams’ pastiche from vocalist Stefy Rae and producer Jimmy Harry. Aimed at the teen pop market with its Orange County brat subject matter, ‘Chelsea’ was more sophisticated than it appeared and was probably three years ahead of its time. Co-written by the soon-to-be ubiquitous producer Greg Kurstin, if this had come out in 2009, it probably would have been a Top 10 hit.

Available on the CD ‘The Orange Album’ via Wind-Up Records



Argentine combo COSAQUITOS EN GLOBO originally started out as a duo comprising of Maru Pardo Saguier and Sebastian Cordoves. With a heavy KRAFTWERK and GIORGIO MORODER influence, ‘Fantasy’ from their eponymous debut album was a perfect demonstration of their strong melodies based around club friendly synthetic grooves and new wave sensibilities.

Available on the CD ‘Cosaquitos En Globo’ via Black Label


DEAD DISCO You’re Out (2007)

Victoria Hesketh before she was LITTLE BOOTS, she came to together with Lucy Catherwood and Marie France at Leeds University to produce a series of well received spikey pop numbers before splitting. Their final single ‘You’re Out’ was produced by Greg Kurstin and the start of The Cult Of Boots with a more electronic sound in the mix! Treated guitars, fuzzy bass and subtle synths all merged together in a feisty cocktail and the seed of the raw excitement found its way into the songs like ‘Stuck On Repeat’ and ‘Meddle’, thus capturing the ears of the taste makers in 2008.

Available on the download single ‘You’re Out’ via 679/Atlantic Records


FROST Sleepwalker (2007)

Consisting of Aggie Peterson and Per Martinsen, they have described their music as upbeat space-pop.  This was beautiful electronic dance music from the enigmatic Norwegian duo with Peterson’s soaring soprano and the gorgeous synth vibrato putting minds into a marvellous trance. ‘Sleepwalker’ was the sort of song you would want to play at a rave in the snow! FROST’s cool cover of OMD’s ‘Messages’ from the ‘Love! Revolution’ album which ‘Sleepwalker’ came is also a worthy listen.

Available on the CD ‘Love! Revolution!’ via Frost World Recordings


ONETWO Home – MHC remix (2007)

ONETWO are PROPAGANDA’s Claudia Brücken and OMD’s Paul Humphreys. Despite the ‘Item’ album having a long gestation period, the final result was largely worthwhile. Working on this remix with production duo MANHATTAN CLIQUE (MHC’s Philip Larsen is part of ONETWO’s live band), the icy cool of the original was maintained while enhanced by the driving dancefloor effects.

Available on the CD single ‘Cloud Nine’ via There (There) Records



X-PERIENCE featuring MIDGE URE Personal Heaven – Desert Dream radio mix (2007)

Prior to the classic ULTRAVOX reunion, MIDGE URE was persuaded to record a song he had written with HEAVEN 17’s Glenn Gregory by this German dance production team. Duetting with Claudia Uhle who provided her own sumptuous vocals to compliment the electronics and muted synthetic guitars, this dance mix was vastly superior to the horrid rave version of ‘The Voice’ featuring Ure that has been doing the rounds in Europe.

Available on the CD single ‘Personal Heaven’ via Major Records



FOTONOVELA featuring MARSHEAUX So Strange (2008)

Featuring a ‘Madame Hollywood’ style analogue pulse, MARSHEAUX guested on the excellent ‘So Strange’ where Marianthi Melitsi added her sexy accented touch to the semi-stuttering danceable groove. Some superb vibrato synth sends nice chills down the spine as the climax builds to a magnificent screaming synth solo. Yes, “I want more!”

Available on the CD ‘Mistakes Are Good’ via Undo Records



THE OPIATES Anatomy Of A Plastic Girl (2008)

Billie Ray Martin’s abilities have not diminished. Her voice is as captivating as ever, Dietrich-like in its resonance with the added menace of GRACE JONES. Taking in the transient electronic fusions of Robert Solheim, THE OPIATES used that melting pot to produce some Non-Stop Electronic Weimar Cabaret numbers with beats and bleeps to match. ‘Anatomy Of A Plastic Girl’ was a wonderfully fine, avant pop structure that told the tale of a young wannabe actress who reflects on the facial surgery that has left her scarred.

Available on the CD ‘Hollywood Under The Knife’ via by Disco Activisto Records


PNAU featuring LADYHAWKE Embrace (2008)

LADYHAWKE sounds like KIM WILDE in 21st Century but brought up on watching early MTV via her parents’ Betamax video recorder. Teaming up with old friends PNAU who feature among others, EMPIRE OF THE SUN’s Nick Littlemore, ‘Embrace’ took LADYHAWKE away from some of her FM rock tendencies on her debut album and aimed her squarely at the electrofied dancefloor.

Available on the CD Single ‘Embrace’ via etcetc



POLARKREIS 18  The Colour Of Snow (2008)

The Dresden sextet were a dreamy but epic cross between A-HA and SIGUR RÓS. Singer Felix Räuber’s falsetto voice polarised but the frantic driven tempo, dramatic electronic strings and rousing melancholic chorus of ‘The Colour Of Snow’ made it a fine follow-up their German No1 ‘Allein Allein’ and gave the band enough of a reputation to be invited to support DEPECHE MODE at their Leipzig gigs in 2009.

Available on the CD ‘The Colour Of Snow’ via Vertigo Records


RED BLOODED WOMEN You Made Your Bed (2008)

Pure octave shift disco heaven on this ode to the Ikea generation by modern electro’s answer to BANANARAMA. Despite being all under 25, these ladies grew up to the sound of the synthesizer and learned to dance to the beat of electronic drums via their mums’ ERASURE and A-HA singles. Paying girl group homage to both YAZOO and DEPECHE MODE, RED BLOODED WOMEN sounded like GIRLS ALOUD produced by Daniel Miller! Although RBW’s promise was never fulfilled, it was a perfect finishing school that later enabled some futuristic Neon-led Freestyle!

Available on the CD ‘Electronically Yours Vol 1’ (V/A) via Undo Records

TWINS NATALIA When We Were Young (2008)

TWINS NATALIA are an Anglo-German ensemble including members of cult electronic act POEME ELECTRONIQUE. In 2008, they issued this fabulous single ‘When We Were Young’. Rich in vintage synthesizers and drum machines and featuring deep resigned female vocals with GINA X overtones, this was technostalgic but strangely futuristic at the same time. It had the glorious sound of a wonderful summer romance in the Weimar Republic.

Available on the CD ‘The Anna Logue Years – Fifth Anniversary Compilation ‘(V/A) via Anna Logue Records


ANTHONIO Annie (2009)

Italo disco was a much maligned form of electro kitsch but was rooted in GIORGIO MORODER and heavily influenced the likes of PET SHOP BOYS and NEW ORDER. Anglo-Argentine duo HEARTBREAK revived the genre, complete with accents, “wo-woah-ah” chants and heavy dance rhythms but most importantly, hooklines and melodies on great catchy songs such as ‘We’re Back’ and ‘My Tears Electro’. Produced by Richard X and effectively using the ‘Anthonio’ backing track, this was the brilliant tongue-in-cheek response to ANNIE’s tale of holiday romance with HEARTBREAK’s Sebastian Muravchik playing the role of the disimpassioned latin lover as part of a Black Melody publicity stunt!

Available on the download single ‘Annie’ via Black Melody Limited


DELPHIC Counterpoint (2009)

The euphoric ‘Counterpoint’ was a truly great piece that sounded like a cross between ORBITAL and NEW ORDER. James Cook’s vocals possessed a vulnerable tonal quality alongside all the vibrant tension. DELPHIC’s great, multi-instrumental stage presentation featuring a good mix of synths, guitars, bass, sequencers and electronic percussion accompanied by a funky live drummer in some ways makes them like fellow Mancunians A CERTAIN RATIO gone right!

Available on the download single ‘Counterpoint’ via R&S Records, remixed 2010 version available on the CD ‘Acolyte’ via Chimeric/Polydor Records


KATSEN A Soul Less Party (2009)

Brighton duo Donna Grimaldi and Chris Blackburn are the eccentric Duchess and Duke of English electro crossing CRYSTAL CASTLES with YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA for their own brand of quirky synthpop. ‘A Soul Less Party’ was a superbly bouncy cover of the MOTORBIKES IN TOKYO track with Blackburn’s deadpan vocal marvellously harmonised by Grimaldi’s girly charm in the chorus.

Available on the download EP ‘Basic Pleasure Unit’ via Shelflife Records


PARRALOX Time – Dark Version (2009)

Australia was never known for producing pure synthesizer pop acts despite having given the world the Fairlight CMI. But here, Melbourne’s PARRALOX conceptualised what would have happened if MADONNA had joined THE HUMAN LEAGUE. ‘Time’ from ‘State Of Decay’ was given a more gothic makeover with the concept of Madge fronting ‘Violator’-era DEPECHE MODE, proof that PARRALOX are as much at home here in the house as they are on the dancefloor.

Available on the CD single ‘Supermagic’ via Conzoom Records


MARK REEDER with BLANK & JONES featuring VANESSA DAOU – Save Yourself Mix (2009)

Reworking tracks from the BLANK & JONES album ‘The Logic Of Pleasure’ into his own style with just the vocals and the odd sample as a starting point, Reeder with his studio partner Mischa Adam revived the classic dance oriented rock template pioneered by NEW ORDER. ’Manifesto’ was the highlight of the resultant collection, appropriately titled ‘Reordered’. Starting with the familiar rattling of a Roland CR78 Compurhythm, Reeder gave ‘Manifesto’ a far looser if still sequenced driven feel while Daou’s vocal had plenty of breathing space over the visceral synth and guitar tension.

Available on the CD ‘Reordered’ via Soundcolours GMBH



EMILIE SIMON Dreamland (2009)

KATE BUSH meets GOLDFRAPP and BJORK on this wonderful slice of Gallic electro weirdness. Writing, producing and playing the majority all of her material, EMILIE SIMON studied at the Sorbonne and has as been a big star in her own country for several years. Her album ‘The Big Machine’ was a statement of intent in an attempt to break in the international market with all the songs in English. Although she uses a Yamaha Tenorion in live performance like LITTLE BOOTS, she is far kookier!

Available on the CD ‘The Big Machine’ via Polydor Records


THE SOUND OF ARROWS Into The Clouds (2009)

This superb single was dreamy widescreen synthpop, swathed in that beautiful Nordic melancholy plus a magnificent CGI promo video to match. The Fear of Tigers Remix with its soaring synth solo was also particularly impressive. Staring out as a more conventional pop act, their equipment listing on their MySpace showed where their electric dreams lay. Bright and breezy!

Available on the download single ‘Into The Clouds’ via Labrador Records
Remixed 2011 version on the CD ‘ Voyage’ via Skies Above Records


SPUTNIKO! The Google Song (2009)

SPUTNIKO! (real name Hiromi Ozaki) has been showcasing her brand of laptop pop around London where she is currently based. “Exploring intersections between technology and popular culture” as reflected by titles such as ‘The Skype Song’ and ‘The Mixi Song’, her most immediate track has been ‘The Google Song’, a story of love in the modern computer age. Too shy to approach the object of her desire, she simply went home to her faithful laptop and googled him!! “I like you” she proclaimed. It was tremendously catchy too!

Available on the ‘DVD Parakonpe 3000’ via 360° Records or as a free download from Last.fm


Text by Chi Ming Lai
26th June 2012