MTWINS-2000OMD covers duo THE MESSERSCHMITT TWINS have announced they will be playing a comeback gig on Saturday 22nd October 2014. It will take place at Eric’s in Liverpool, the esteemed venue founded by Roger Eagle in which OMD made their live debut. The original Eric’s closed in 1980 but was revived in 2011 at 9 Mathew Street with OMD playing at the reopening.

Led by The Electricity Club’s very own Chi Ming Lai under his pseudonym of Jimmy Messerschmitt, THE MESSERSCHMITT TWINS formed originally for the 1997 OMD Convention. They became a feature at OMD fan gatherings over the years playing at three events.

Their gig at The Sparrowhawk Hotel, Burnley in November 2000 was attended by none other than Paul Humphreys and Malcolm Holmes while also in the audience were MARSHEAUX’s Sophie Sarigiannidou and George Geranios of Undo Records. Humphreys later remarked to THE MESSERSCHMITT TWINS that their drum ‘n’ bass flavoured reworking of ‘Red Frame/White Light’ was better than OMD’s original.

MTWINS-2005THE MESSERSCHMITT TWINS career highlight was meeting Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys together at The Motor Museum after a triumphant final gig at the 2005 OMD Fan Event in Liverpool. But with Junior Messerschmitt now in domestic bliss somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere, the vacant synthesist’s position will be occupied by Martin Swan. This union is particularly apt as Swan’s band VILE ELECTRODES supported OMD on their German tour in Spring 2013.

Of THE MESSERSCHMITT TWINS’ comeback, Jimmy said: “There’s so many new synth acts that sound like tribute acts. So rather than hide behind some pretence, we’re back and just being a tribute act. In fact, we’re not even that, we simply do covers of OMD songs”. Martin added: “what makes Jimmy and I kindred spirits is that we’ve both performed in front of members of OMD. Now that really means something… with VILE ELECTRODES being so influenced by OMD, a covers band is the next logical step for me”.

MTWINS-2014-thumbTHE MESSERSCHMITT TWINS are also to shortly launch a crowdfunding platform. “Please give generously” said Jimmy, “together we can service synthpop… with no concessions. For just £200, we could invest in Melodyne to stop our vocals from sounding crap. With £100, we could pay for a remix by Ian Ferguson of ANALOG ANGEL while £50 would get us an OMD box set. And with just £25, I can get a brand new Moog T-shirt for Martin”.

The comeback forms part of a special OMD fan event ‘AMMP’ that will celebrate the history of the synthesizer innovators from The Wirral. Curated by the OMD fan site Messages, who co-organised the 2005 OMD Event and 1997 OMD Fan Convention, the event will feature a memorabilia exhibition and an optional coach tour of Merseyside landmarks from OMD’s history.

As well as live performances, the evening will culminate in a special evening party featuring a DJ set by Paul Humphreys. He last undertook DJ duties during HEAVEN 17’s aftershow at the Magna Science Park in 2010. He commented to The Electricity Club about that night: “It went really well actually, it was really good fun. It was Glenn Gregory’s idea. Glenn said ‘how d’ya fancy DJ-ing?’… I was like “I’ve never DJ-ed in my life so forget it!”. BUT, he announces it on the HEAVEN 17 website and I’m thinking “YOU ****!”.

With a great line-up arranged, ‘AMMP’ promises to be a fantastic event.

‘AMMP’ featuring THE MESSERSCHMITT TWINS is on Saturday 22nd October 2014 at Eric’s, 9 Mathew Street, Liverpool L2 6RE

Tickets go on sale from 9.00am on Friday 11th April 2014 via Ticketmaster, or at the door

Thanks to everyone who was entertained by The Electricity Club’s item today about the comeback of THE MESSERSCHMITT TWINS. As the date of the news item testifies, this was an April Fool… these ways are tried, they never seem to fail 😉

Text by Paul Browne
1st April 2014



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