The Electricity Club to DJ at Hit Factory Live in Hyde Park

The Electricity Club will DJing at Hit Factory Live featuring STEPS, JASON DONOVAN, RICK ASTLEY, DEAD OR ALIVE, BANANARAMA, PEPSI & SHIRLIE, HAZELL DEAN, BROTHER BEYOND, SINITTA and SONIA on Wednesday 11th July 2012 in London’s Hyde Park.

The surprise invitation was made by Pete Waterman via his representatives following a recommendation by Shirlie Holliman aka Mrs Martin Kemp from PEPSI & SHIRLIE who had met The Electricity Club’s team at Return To The Blitz Club in January 2011 and Rusty Egan.

Looking for 80s themed DJs to fill in between the many PWL acts who will be performing for the first time on one bill, Pete Waterman felt that The Electricity Club represented many of his values.

Of course, a large number of Pete Waterman’s hits were produced using a Fairlight CMI and a Linn Drum Computer which thus puts his multi-million selling masterpieces right at the forefront of pioneering electronic music alongside Synth Britannia pioneers such as GARY NUMAN, ULTRAVOX, THE HUMAN LEAGUE, OMD, JOHN FOXX, JAPAN and DEPECHE MODE. For this reason, The Electricity Club happily accepted.

With the genius of their precisely timed 18 second intros and perennial use of the F-G-Em-Am chord sequence, Pete Waterman, along with his instrumental partners Mike Stock and Matt Aitken helped shape the cultural landscape of Thatcher’s Britain. Pete Waterman summarised his genius to The Daily Mail by saying “I’m a music thief”.

One artist who will not be present at Hit Factory Live however is DIVINE who sadly passed away in 1988. ‘You Think You’re A Man’ is acknowledged as being the first ever Stock Aitken and Waterman hit and was written by Geoffrey Deane, original singer with MODERN ROMANCE. He famously wrote their second hit ‘Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey’ as a bet with a local minicab driver that he could get his name into a Top 40 pop song! Deane left the band shortly after to become a comedy writer once he’d realised the joke had gone too far.

Tickets for Hit Factory Live at Hyde Park are available from all the usual agents

Thanks to all those that were entertained by our story regarding The Electricity Club DJing at Hit Factory Live. As the date of the news item testifies, it was just an April Fool… we should be so lucky! 🙂

Text by Chi Ming Lai
1st April 2012



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