RUSTY EGAN Presents The Electricity Club Show#11 now available to listen to online…

sn13rustyeganWith our resident DJ currently doing his bit at Nassau Beach Club in Ibiza with SPANDAU BALLET’s Steve Norman as THE ELECTRONIC BEACH CLUB, Show#11 of RUSTY EGAN Presents The Electricity Club has a distinctly sunny but chilled out vibe.

The show can now be heard via Mixcloud and features DAFT PUNK, GIORGIO MORODER, SIN COS TAN, DRAGONETTE, FAT BOY SLIM, DEPECHE MODE, COSAQUITOS EN GLOBO, JOHN FOXX, VILE ELECTRODES, HEAVEN 17, SIMPLE MINDS, REPUBLICA, KURT BAGGALEY and many more… please click here for Show#11 and playlist>>

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