OMD English Electric Tracklisting Revealed

OMD-english-electricOMD have confirmed the release date and tracklisting for their new album ‘English Electric’. The Electricity Club’s sister site Messages reported that : “The writing of the album sees a return to the deconstructive method of writing that informed albums such as ‘Architecture & Morality’ and the experimental elements that resulted in ‘Dazzle Ships’. ‘English Electric’ appears, in part, to be a reaction to some people’s views on ‘History Of Modern’ that it lacked the experimental style of OMD’s early material”.

Speaking to Dave Charles on Harborough FM, Andy McCluskey commented: “We can afford to be brave”. He also revealed that both Paul Humphreys and himself had viewed ‘English Electric’ as a “definitive statement” and suggested that they couldn’t view any further OMD albums beyond this one, adding “that’s how good we think it is”. Paul Humphreys had told TEC in July 2012: “Who knows if there is going to be another OMD album after this? Maybe there will but if this was to be our last album and I have to think in these terms now, I want to leave an album that is really special. And I think ‘English Electric’ has a good chance of being that album. I’m really happy with it”.

The first track to be aired is one of the experimental sound collages ‘Decimal’; the video has been produced by German motion and graphic designer Henning M Lederer.

The ‘English Electric’ tracklisting is:

Please Remain Seated
Night Café
The Future Will Be Silent
Helen of Troy
Our System
Kissing The Machine
Stay With Me
Atomic Ranch
Final Song

omd_main From the tracks listed, ‘Kissing The Machine’ is a previously released song by ELEKTRIC MUSIC from 1993 which was written by Andy McCluskey with former KRAFTWERK member KARL BARTOS. Without doubt, the best recording involving McCluskey during the 90s, ‘Kissing The Machine’ has been reworked for inclusion on ‘English Electric’. It is not known whether McCluskey’s excellent vocal from the original ‘Esperanto’ version will be retained.

Meanwhile, ‘Helen Of Troy’ is a collaboration with FOTONOVELA, best known as the production team behind Athens synth maidens MARSHEAUX. FOTONOVELA performed with MARSHEAUX at TEC002 and in an interview with Andy McCluskey in January 2011, he tentatively discussed the possibility of working with them following a suggestion by TEC that Mike Crossey, who mixed most of ‘History Of Modern’, was not necessarily the best candidate for the job as Crossey’s record of success did not indicate an empathy with electronic pop. When the names of FOTONOVELA and KLEERUP were mentioned by TEC,  Andy McCluskey replied: “I suspect you might be right…maybe we should think about being a bit more pro-active with people like KLEERUP and the FOTONOVELA boys, and saying ‘we like what you do, we’re not far away from each other so just do something like that’. But they’ve both got very different sounds; FOTONOVELA have got a much more crystal clear digi-analogue sound…very bright, very wet”. However, it is understood that KLEERUP is not involved in ‘English Electric’.

The band have just signed a worldwide deal with Bertelsmann Music Group while the first single ‘Metroland’ is due for release on 24th March 2013.

‘English Electric’ will be released on 8th April 2013 on CD, deluxe CD+DVD, vinyl and as a special edition tin box set by BMG

OMD 2013 ‘English Electric’ UK Tour dates include:

Margate Winter Gardens (28th April), Birmingham Symphony Hall (29th April), Nottingham Royal Centre (1st May), Ipswich Regent Theatre (2nd May), London Roundhouse (3rd May), Bristol Colston Hall (5th May), Oxford New Theatre (6th May), Sheffield City Hall (8th May), Leeds Academy (9th May), Manchester Academy (10th May), Glasgow Royal Concert Hall (12th May), Gateshead Sage (13th May), Liverpool Empire (14th May)

Text by Chi Ming Lai
14th January 2013



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