marsheaux 2013 photoAthens based synth maidens MARSHEAUX finally premiere the first number from their long awaited new album ’Inhale’, the follow-up to the highly acclaimed ‘Lumineux Noir’ which was released in 2009.

Entitled ‘Alone’, Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou said of the song: “’Alone’ has an EBM feeling with something from Gary Numan’s synths. It’s fat, dark, epic and for sure it’s a grower. It’s not the typical Marsheaux synthpop sound but it’s a great example of the style of the new album”.

Despite the sombre tone, ‘Alone’ explores territory familiar to fans of the duo’s other albums ‘Lumineux Noir’ (2009), ‘Peek ABoo’ (2007) and ‘E-Bay Queen’ (2004): “LOVE is the theme as in most of our songs. It’s about being alone and finding the other half, something really rare in our times! It’s about not believing what faith has brought in life and trying to find a way to make this love as complete as possible”.

One of the album’s other tracks is ‘Come On Now’ which was debuted live at TEC002 in April 2012. Its encore reprise featured the legendary RUSTY EGAN guesting on electronic percussion and concluded a memorable sell-out London performance for MARSHEAUX. After TEC002, it was expected that ‘Inhale’ would be released soon after although a rarities collection ‘E-Bay Queen Is Dead’ was issued in the interim. But the girls take up the story as to the album’s delay: “We had offers and we were talking with record companies so hopefully now it’s going to be released on April 2013… we can’t tell you the record company yet. We think it was worth waiting for it”.

The Electricity Club gives its grateful thanks to MARSHEAUX and Undo Records

Text by Chi Ming Lai
17th January 2013