Introducing PIKACHUNES

Recently spotted in London supporting PRINCESS CHELSEA and playing bass in her backing band was the multi-talented Miles G Loveless aka PIKACHUNES.

Schooled as a jazz drummer, his 2010 self-titled debut album came about after he hurt himself skateboarding. Taking to his laptop to pass the time, he set about recording a collection of quirky electronic disco numbers with hints of KRAFTWERK meeting LCD SOUNDSYSTEM at an Italo club night.

The marvellous ‘Nervous’ is paranoia set to a dance beat and triplet bassline with an amusing video filmed in New York featuring the young New Zealander dressed as his near-Anime namesake. A catchy tune with an air of hypnotic aura, ‘Nervous’ tells of how it really is to be a one-man synth act!

‘Just A Boy’ displays an accessible pop sensibility despite the stripped down synth structures, PIKACHUNES’ vocals evoke an honest intent like an Antipodean PAUL HAIG. ‘Disco Baby’ is punctuated by female voice samples, neo-robotics and a pretty arpeggio while ‘Shout It Out’ is much weirder, a bleepy lo-fi experiment which will be enjoyed by those who like things a bit more abstract. If you are into electro ditties about “Girls, Boys, Parties, Noise”, then you’re in luck…that’s the sound of PIKACHUNES!

PIKACHUNES’ debut album is released by Lil’ Chief Records and the CD can be purchased from their website at:

Text by Chi Ming Lai
12th July 2012



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