HUSKI Close To The Edge

The Electricity Club is rather enjoying a track which has been described as sounding “not unlike how Clare Grogan might if she took a guest slot with The Human League” by The Word Magazine who have put the track on the free CD accompanying, rather sadly, their final edition. Now as both THE HUMAN LEAGUE and ALTERED IMAGES worked with the late Martin Rushent, that concept is quite apt. HUSKI’s ‘Close To The Edge’ brims with cutesy allure and much of their new album ‘H’ features a charming mix of electronic sounds such as the extended dance workout of ‘Strangelove’ and THE KNIFE gone chirpy hypnotism of ‘Senseless’.

Melanie Garside met Pike Galloway in 2006 and they released their debut ‘Love Peace Pain’ later that year. Some may remember the Hoxton club favourite ‘Make Me Your Picture’ which was part of the excellent ‘Robopop – The Return’ compilation and featured established guns like GOLDFRAPP, THE KNIFE and TIGA alongside newbies DRAGONETTE, ROBOTS IN DISGUISE, LORRAINE (aka BLACK RAIN) and MATINEE CLUB (aka THE MODERN).

They recorded a second fan-funded album ‘Strangelove’ in 2008 which gained a limited release. So fast forward to 2012, HUSKI’s third album ‘H’ was released earlier in July with reworked versions of three tracks from the second album included. Despite the apparent brightness of HUSKI’s synthetic sound, Melanie Garside says: “We sound playful but generally the themes we deal with are quite dark”.

‘H’ is available as a download album via Amazon and iTunes.

Text by Chi Ming Lai
29th July 2012