GIRL ONE & THE GREASE GUNS Hitting The Brick Wall

grease_machinesHaving already engaged our curiosity with their previous release ‘Jessica 6’, Girl One & The Grease Guns have returned with a new single release entitled ‘(Here Come) The Catastrophe Machines’.

Making good on their manifesto for “causing confusion with a mixture of pure synth pop and more experimental electronic sounds”, the latest offering delivers a chaotic wall of noise, painting a chilling vision of dystopia, further illustrated by a rapid-fire video of sequences culled from a variety of arresting visual images from nuclear tests and slasher films to Dr Who.

However, secreted away on the B-Side is a surprising gem of pure pop goodness titled ‘Hitting The Brick Wall’, which continues Girl One & The Grease Guns’ talent for crafting compelling electronic tunes. More Inside  »

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