FOTONOVELA featuring MIRRORS Romeo & Juliet

Not content with producing MARSHEAUX (who they played TEC002 with) and collaborating with OMD on ‘Helen Of Troy’, a track from their new album ‘English Electric’, Greek duo FOTONOVELA have unveiled plans for their second album, the follow-up to 2008’s ‘Mistakes Are Good’. Whereas that debut album was based around funky dance grooves and occasional appearances from Helectro acts MARSHEAUX and ROCKETS IN A COMA, the new opus is more song based and features a number of prominent international vocalists. The first fruit of their labours is the wondrous fizzy synthpop of ‘Romeo & Juliet’. And the majestic voice is none other that James New of nouveau noirists MIRRORS.

MIRRORS’ magnificent debut album ‘Lights & Offerings’ was released for the Greek market as a lavish 2CD set by Undo Records, the Athens label founded by George Geranios and Nick Bitzenis aka FOTONOVELA so the union is a natural artistic progression. Geranios is known for his love of Italo Disco so ‘Romeo & Juliet’ takes on perhaps a lighter shade compared with MIRRORS’ own work, but retains an artistic integrity in amongst the immediate digi-analogue textures from Bitzenis that can often be heard on MARSHEAUX’s albums.

mirrors10With MIRRORS playing live again and making tentative steps towards recording that difficult second album, ‘Romeo & Juliet’ is a perfect way to get back into The Hall Of Mirrors. Meanwhile FOTONOVELA’s new album is pencilled in for an April 2013 release. As well as two songs featuring James New, it will also contain three songs with vocals from DUBSTAR’s Sarah Blackwood plus a track each by Daryl Smith of cult twosome THEY GO BOOM! and new Wall Of Sound signing ECHOES.

Further guest vocalists will be announced closer to the as-yet-untitled album’s release.

Text by Chi Ming Lai
29th January 2013