EMP Stars on 68 DJ Mix

PB+MW 1Under his EMP remix moniker, regular contributor to The Electricity Club and music producer in his own right Paul Boddy recently won the ULTRAVOX remix competition with his neo-drum ‘n’ bass take of ‘Remembering’ from the ‘Brillant’ album. Paul’s previous ULTRAVOX remix in 2009 of ‘Visions In Blue’ was a favourite of Rusty Egan who played it in his DJ set at The Blitz Club Reunion in 2011. Paul has compiled an exclusive DJ mix for your listening pleasure and tells of how his first TEC assignment inspired him…

After having interviewed Adamski for this very website a while back, it must have planted some sort of seed. In the interview I talked to him at length about his ‘Neo Waltz’ project and this sparked the idea of doing some sort of 6/8 time signature megamix which encompassed tracks which fitted that framework, but which would appeal to The Electricity Club fraternity and fans of all types of electronic music. The idea had been floating around for a bit, but initially I couldn’t think of enough tracks which would fit, the obvious ones came to mind quickly, ‘Personal Jesus’, ‘Born to Lie’ by Mesh, a few Goldfrapp tracks, some industrial, but then I hit a wall and the project was put on the backburner. A few weeks later, a brief off-the-cuff conversation with Chi Ming Lai about the possibility of doing the mix and as if by magic, a few minutes later a Dropbox full of potential 6/8 tracks arrived and I was up and running!

PB+MelCIf you scan the tracklist for this mix, you will see that there is no shame here; if you are a purist, then the sight of Rachel Stevens, The RAH Band and Melanie C will probably have you running for your nearest John Foxx album, but the intention is (within 45 minutes) to take you on a journey with mainly electronic tracks which aren’t in a 4/4 time signature, but hang together all the same. There are 70s artists represented here (which top and tail the mix) combined with classic electronic acts (OMD/Ultravox/Fad Gadget) and a few tracks which fly the flag for the darker, industrial side of things (Aesthetic Perfection/Combichrist/Rammstein). If you are familiar with these tracks, some will notice that tempos have been time-stretched to keep a consistent feel throughout. For those interested in the technical details, most of the mix was done completely live using Traktor DJ software, but some edits were done post-production using Logic Studio 8 to tighten up some of the sections where I got a bit carried away looping things!

I hope you have as much fun listening to this mix as I had making it; the way I look at it, any mix which has Rachel Stevens segueing into Ultravox and then later has a track called ‘Swallow It’ blending into ‘Spit It Out’ must have something going for it…

Track listing:

The Crunch – The RAH Band
Beautiful – Goldfrapp
Sailing On The Seven Seas [Larrabee Mix] – OMD
Where Did Our Love Go? – Soft Cell
Restless – Karin Park
It’s Dark – Titans
Stupid Game [Paul Boddy production] – Melanie C
Some Girls – Rachel Stevens
Paths and Angles – Ultravox
Personal Jesus [Alex Metric Remix] – Depeche Mode
Haifisch – Rammstein
Born to Lie [Extended Version] – Mesh
Empire State Human [Chamber’s Reproduced Mix] – The Human League
Swallow It – Fad Gadget
Spit It Out – Aesthetic Perfection
Blut Royale – Combichrist
Son Of My Father – Giorgio Moroder


Text by Paul Boddy [EMP]
22nd August 2013



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