Two of The Electricity Club’s favourite new acts have combined for an artistic union with STRANGERS providing a remix of ‘Spectre’, the forthcoming offering by CURXES. The reworking is more electronic than the chromatic guitar layered original with CURXES’ Macaulay Hopwood saying: “It’s about as 50/50 between our bands as you can get…” This nicely reciprocates the remix which CURXES did last Autumn of ‘Promises’ and the occasional moonlighting Hopwood has done in STRANGERS’ live performances over the past few months.

Spectre (Strangers Remix) by CURXES

Incidentally, Hopwood will be playing bass with STRANGERS on Thursday 19th July 2012 for their support slot for CLAUDIA BRÜCKEN at London’s Bush Hall. This happily came about when OMD’s Paul Humphreys (who is also Ms Brücken’s musical director and partner in ONETWO) asked The Electricity Club for suggestions to fill the vacant opening opportunity during a recent interview with the two electronic pioneers. The gig itself will also feature special guests including OMD’s Andy McCluskey, HEAVEN 17‘s Glenn Gregory and Martyn Ware, PROPAGANDA’s Susanne Freytag, ZTT minimalist Andrew Poppy and producer Stephen J Lipson whose credits have included PROPAGANDA, ACT, FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD, SIMPLE MINDS, ANNIE LENNOX and ULTRAVOX. So the evening promises to be a great lesson in the history of synthpop.

Meanwhile, CURXES and STRANGERS will be playing Popular on Saturday 4th August 2012 at Northampton’s Labour Club, 97 Charles Street, Northampton NN1 3BG. DJs will include The Electricity Club. Doors open at 8pm with entry at £5 on the door. However, entry will be £4 on the cheap list by posting your name on the event wall at

Text by Chi Ming Lai
17th July 2012



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