CURXES Haunted Gold

South Coast duo CURXES release their spikey new track Haunted Gold as a vinyl single just in time for Record Store Day on 21st April 2012.

Haunted Gold can only be described as mutant gothic drum ‘n’ bass with singer Roberta Fidora showing a fine turn of aggression like SIOUXSIE SIOUX trapped in a padded cell with only a Darkstep mixtape for comfort…yes, that would set most people off too! Instrumentalist Macaulay Hopwood holds it all together nicely like John McGeoch auditioning for THE PRODIGY while some metallic percussion maintains CURXES’ manifesto of “a decorative set of bones, channelling the ghosts of discothèques past”.

Accompanied by yet another highly creative video projection directed by Roberta Fidora, Haunted Gold’s visuals take on some animated weirdness using 525g of glitter and an old scanner over a period of eight weeks…look out for the Violator rose in tribute to DEPECHE MODE and a sensual blown kiss from Miss Fidora herself.

It’s all wonderful stuff as CURXES show their diversity and prove one again with their startling style fusions why they are one of the most promising new electronic based acts in the UK at the moment.

Haunted Gold is released as a 7” vinyl on Record Store Day while downloads can be purchased from Amazon and iTunes from 10th April 2012. Other digital retailers are available.

Text by Chi Ming Lai
13th March 2012



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