CURXES Further Still

CURXES furtherSouth Coast duo CURXES’ new song ‘Further Still’ does what it says on the tin and shows the band developing away from their initial DEPECHE MODE meets SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES template. Now comfortable in their own skin, a variety of new influences have been thrown into the pot from contemporary acts such as M83. Certainly the screechy siren portamento indicates CURXES have been listening to ‘Midnight City’ although older viewers might point to the detuned synth solo from ‘From Rags To Riches’by THE BLUE NILE.

Whatever, ‘Further Still’ has an eerie intro leading to a marvellously chilling build and to visualise its unsettling vibe, CURXES have produced their best video yet with a rather disturbing promo around the surreal theme of human taxidermy. Not since Taylor found Dodge stuffed in a museum during an escape scene in the original version of ‘Planet Of The Apes’ has the subject been portrayed so vividly! And guess where Roberta Fidora and Macaulay Hopwood find themselves at the end? It’s beautifully filmed and looks like a very macabre version of BBC vintage drama ‘The Hour’!

Directed by The Red Red and filmed at The Search Museum in Gosport, this video shows why CURXES are one of the best new acts in the UK at the moment. Not only are they producing dramatic moody music of a supreme quality but they are also paying attention to their visual presentation and aspire to an artistic idealism. In an age when musicians try to be everything to everyone, CURXES are for people who care. When other acts wonder why they are not getting coverage, they need look no further than CURXES for what an unsigned independent act can achieve. Indeed, having played our inaugural TEC001 live event alongside VILE ELECTRODES who will soon be supporting OMD in Germany, CURXES too are on the acsendency as their ’1996 Remix’ of ‘Recover’ for CHVRCHES shows.

‘Further Still’ is available as a free download from CURXES’ bandcamp page

CURXES play ‘White Heat’ at Madame Jo Jo’s in London on 7th May 2013

Text by Chi Ming Lai
10th April 2013



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